Sunday, October 1, 2017

How's Life?

Hi, all!

I know I’ve been abandoning this blog  for a long time. It’s not I’m too busy to write. But I kinda don’t have the subject to write plus I don’t have much photos to share with you. Before, I wanted this blog to be a some kind of ‘event related’ blog, turns out I don’t attend as many  event as I hope I would be. Though, I named it ‘journal’ which I can write everything I want like my daily life, ‘diary’ posts, or anything that related to journaling ended up I didn’t take proper photos for it. Ugh, so this is what they called writer's block.

Maybe, you guys can suggest me any kind of post you want to read from me? Oh, actually I write a journal and I decorate it which I update every week. Is it interesting for you to see? I would consider it.

A little life update. It’s been 11 months since me & my sis opened up a café which we named it “WICKED COLD” why? We make the ice cream with Liquid Nitrogen which make the ice cream colder than the other. Wicked, like the cold is so cold. Hope you get it ;) Well, the business is growing slow I don’t know if it’s because the market there isn’t high or what, because there were so many restos closed in the end. We give promos, adding some other menus than ice cream & frozen yogurt, and those. Maybe we’re a lil bit ambitious took 3 years straight rent and didn’t think about the pros and cons. Me & my sis found out that we two got a free personality which we hate doing the same thing, same routines and being at the same place for a long time. So, we end up boring going to the same place like everyday. We need a ‘constantly moving’ business like online business where we can go everywhere we want, still replying those messages, and sent them the day after. We realized that running cafes or restos business is such a BIG RESPONSIBILITY. But I’m glad, now I learned how people struggling their business, I know how drained those F&B’s workers, I learned to be more patient because there’s a lot of weird customers, and how much money they spent just to promote their business. I hope me & my sis can survived this field. HAHA. 

I thought, that there are some people that born to be in business field, but some aren’t. Building offline business needs patient, strategist brain, and an extrovert personality. It’s like passion. Now I don’t  think that I’m tht kind of person. Thank God, that we finally learned something from it.  But it’s good to ever experienced it, I thank my uncle a lot lot lot to spent such money for us. And God told me to ‘JUST DO YOUR BEST’ cause everything is already done and run. SO I HAVE TO!

Until next time, hope you’re still with me!



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