Monday, December 30, 2013

[TRIP] Kota Kasablanka by Transjakarta Busway

Oh, Hi Peoples :)

Today I went to Kota Kasablanka, Kuningan, South Jakarta.
Went there with my 5 friends .
I attended the event  called "Jejak Peradaban" Workshop for Photography, held by Kompas
with Mr. Yuniadhy Agung and Mr. Iwan Setyawan as speakers. They're Kompas' Senior Photo Journalists.
Today's theme was "Kota & Jejak Peradaban" Sabang - Merauke's Expedition that already being highlighted on Kompas Newspaper. They showed us some of their photos during their expedition, and it was AWESOME! Then, we had Q & A session, exhibition also doorprize. But, unfortunately it's already 5pm, and I need to go home cause I took public transportation to go there .. So, yeah. Bye Bye doorprizes!

Oh, one thing. The most important info for you guys.
I took Transjakarta Busway APTB with 5000rupiah from Kalideres Bus Station then, transit at S. Parman or peoples said it Taman Anggrek/Central Park Mall Station, we have to change into normal Bus which is red orange bus to Semanggi Station, after that, we have to cross the 'super long' bridge to move to Bendungan Hilir (BENHIL) Station, transit to Karet Station, from there, you have to take the Blue Mikrolet 44 and yeah, it send us to Kota Kasablanka :) End of the journey!
Also, with that Mikrolet, it can send us to Kuningan City, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Manullife Tower & Ambassador Mall :)

In brief,
S. Parman (with APTB)
Grogol 1 to Grogol 2 (with normal bus) to S.Parman
Bendungan Hilir (BENHIL)
Mikrolet 44

Inside Kota Kasablanka, there were so many cozy and nice restaurant with unique architecture at FOOD SOCIETY :) Hihihi. I'm sorry for not brought you the pictures from it :'( I didn't bring my pocket cam, and too lazy and heavy to bring my SLR out  from the bag. HAHAHA, blame this lazy kid! Also, there were too many 'great' prizes store such as Guess, Zara, Topshop, Bershka, Cotton On, Kappa, The Face Shop, The Body Shop, Stradivarius, Magnolia, and bla bla bla . The mall was so big .

It was a fun yet tiring day :) But, I love to make a new exploration! It's really a worth it activity for me.
Ah, hope you guys get the information so clearly and useful for ya! Bye!


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Saturday, December 14, 2013

50 facts about me.

I think, it's a funny thing to list random facts about yourself. 
So, I'll start!

#1 I love books. Sci-Fi books, travelling magazines, romance novels, fantasy novels. But, hell yeah to subject books.
#2 I love weird animals. Hippo, T-Rex, Bunny (okay, this one isn't weird).
#3 I really hate APES!
#4 Beach and Sea is always a good things for me
#5 iPod is my moodbooster
#6 Having a weird self-reflection / daydreaming on the way home in a public transportation
#7 I love discovering town by myself with pub.transportation. This hobby is so worth it, I can found a new way to a new places.
#8 I love observing a new place while I'm in a car. Whether it's a sign for something, a store, or peoples.
#9 I always have a habit to see peoples face one by one, when I'm in a bus or something, it's nice to see them when they got into the bus.
#10 I'm a truly negative-thinker (this habit is so damn annoying!)
#11 I'm so talkative when I feel comfortable with someone
#12 A lover of fancy things
#13 I don't like being a leader or if I have to manage a bunch of people.
#14 I hate being distracted when I'm on my dream
#15 I can't sleep if the room is so busy/produced noise
#16 I can feel what peoples feel by my experience and put 'me' in their situation
#17 Mostly act with heart, not logic
#18 Sometimes being a coward
#19 Not a speech-able person (is there 'speech-able' in dictionary?!)
#20 A loyal friend
#21 A parallipophobia
#22 Panic is my friend.
#23 I love writing some happy ending stories
#24 I hate action, horror, and mellow stories. But, happy ending drama always makes my day!
#25 I love Bigbang, Lee Min Ho, Boyce Avenue, and Owl City.
#26 I love having a really private conversation with Him. I usually talked to, not prayed to. Cause, I don't like have a formal conversation with Him.
#27 Observing peoples is always attached with me. I observed before I start talking to them, or say Hi, or be friend with them
#28 An awkward one. I fill the conversation, but I don't know how to start.
#29 DIY is a fun thing!
#30 Making some weird names over my sis.
#31 Sleepy-head
#32 Tumblr, Instagram, Blogwalking
#33 I adore Man D so much!
#34 I love photography. I love cityscape.
#35 I can't draw although I'm a design graphic's student. So desperate!
#36 I kinda hate read newspaper. Too much texts.
#37 I don't like e-book
#38 I never been to a single concert in my 19 years life!
#39 Never have any serious relationship . Oh, maybe I'm the one who got the chance for 'the one and only'?
#40 I hate face to face competition.
#41 I always believe that dolls have feelings too ;)
#42 I hate lightning and thunder
#43 I love 'couple-ing' peoples. Hahaha
#44 I love flowers. Dianthus, daisies, pink roses, Babybreath, Poppy, andddd I forgot one!
#45 I love big size top over stretch top
#46 I hate bangs down man/guy
#47 I love red and pink. I hate black and yellow.
#48 I wrote a diary
#49 Singing!
#50 Last but not least, number 2 in 3 sisters!



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