Saturday, December 31, 2016


Joining the crowd of 2016 year in review. Here it is!

1. I finally done my education journey and wore that legendary hat!

2. Bali Low Budget Trip with my sisters!

3. PopCon Asia and bought some from there.

4. Big Bad Wolf Books Bazaar 2016! Impulsively bought a lot of books!

doc. Pamungkas Dinan
5. Being a part of Indonesia Fashion Week 2016 :) Thanks Team! And met a lot of different personalities friends. WooHoo!

And much more from 2016 :) Thank you 2016! You made me more mature this year.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry, Merry Christmas!


Hello! It’s finally near the end of the year again. It’s been such a year for me.
There’re so many things happened, achieved yet unfinished goals and dreams. Gain and loss. Remain the same in soul, no major change, I guessed. But must Thank God for all the joys and sadness He had brought. It shaped us. Oh, such a typical opening of a year end blogpost, huh? But, who cares.

I didn’t go somewhere special to celebrate Christmas or end this year. Just a simple celebration here. But I’m happy  I could decorate our café with a blink of lights here and there, and our little Christmas tree. Hoping that next year, we have a big one ;) We used to have a Christmas diner before, but now our café need more attention I guessed. 

 I already listed all the achievements this year on my journal book. And YEAH list all those impossible resolutions while hoping it’s still make sense for God to grant it. I setup my 2017 planner also, can’t wait to fill it with lovely moments and I’ve made a decision to capture every great moments through my phone and make it a monthly album, so that I can review it later. And write every unforgettable event on my calendar.

 So what’s your plan for next year? List all of them, before you missed it.

Much love from me J and have a merry new year. May happiness surround your days <3



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