Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Resolution 2016

Hi, Folks!

How are you these past days? Having a memorable time to keep?
Or already decide what to do closing this year?

It's always been a challenging days when you knew it will end soon. Do we REALLY moved on and start a new year? Do we REALLY left it all behind? Do we REALLY change to be better? And it will always been my huge questions for myself too. I feel like I didn't change as much as I want to be. But I really really hope that 2016 will become a great year for me. As I already have my resolutions :) And a year that I will (hopefully) finally have so much free time! 

Will you share some of yours as I will share it with you? Leave your blog URL on the comment box below. Would like to visit :) Happy New Year!!

1. Graduated very well from uni
2. Got paid every month (works? or open up an online shop?)
3. Get back into church choir
4. Motion graphic lessons
5. Got a very nice working place
6. Sell some DIY planner stuff
7. Read Daily Bread
8. Continuing Thankful Days
9. Japanese lessons
10. Volunteering :) (I'm trying for events or organisations)
11. #Dessertday with my sis
12. Been able to travel somewhere
13. Been abroad
14. Tidy up my blogposts as I'll try to contribute on a press-available event (such as fashion week or else)
15. Youtube-ing?
16. More DIYs
17. A proper Christmas Tree at home.


Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Santa Christmas!

Hi, folks!

Happy holiday and Merry Christmas :) 
Also, an advance Happy New Year!
May all of you have a bless and joyful year ahead.
May God always be in our way and prayers 
thru the tough years to be walked on.



Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What Are We Compare To The Universe

That's why I need a big window in my room.
And sitting next to it.
That's why I really love visiting beaches.
That's why I have a desirable love towards ocean.

The place my eyes could barely see the grand skies above.
Feel the softness of the clouds rushing through my hands.
Colors that made my heart pounding better.
Until I knew what its smells like.

The moment I knew who am I.
The moment I realize how great Thou art.
The moment I knew I'm nothing.
The moment I'm so grateful that 
I'm living in a light.

And I'm so thankful that
He still give me a chance 
to take a look at it


Saturday, November 14, 2015


Hi folks!

This probably my third food exhibition post :) Hahahaha, who doesn't love food? 

Yesterday, me, my mom, and my sister went to this exhibitions which is promoted by PT. KristaMedia, SIAL Group itself, and both governments & private organizations. SIAL is being held in another 6 countries such as Canada, Asean (Manila & Jakarta), Middle East, China, and also Brazil. You could see cooking demos by various international or national chefs, attend seminars, baking demos, tasting some delicious foods, bought some snacks/foods, saw competitions and many more.

This event held on November 11th-14th 2015 at Jakarta International Expo Hall A-D, from 10am till 07pm. It has more than 20 countries represented with a thousand plus exhibitors and 40.000+ visitors in 4 days straight. SIAL INTERFOOD 2015 attended by more than 800 local and international companies from 22 countries will in conjunction with Agri Indo – The 2ndInternational Exhibition on Agriculture and Horticulture, Product, Machinery, Equipment and Technology, Material and Services, Bakery Indonesia – The 15th International Exhibition on Equipment & Supplies for the Bakery & Confectionery Industry, F & B Franchise Expo – The 2nd International Exhibition on Food & Beverage Franchise License, Business Opportunity and Concept Exhibition & Conference, Food & Hospitality Indonesia – The 15th International Exhibition on Hotel, Catering, Restaurant, Bakery, Food, Beverage Equipment Supplies Services & Related Technology , Food Ingredients Indonesia – The 15th International Exhibition on Food Ingredients, Food Additives, Food Chemicals, Food Materials, Herbal & Health Food Indonesia – The 15th International Exhibition on Herbal & Health Food Supplement, Indonesia International Coffee Expo – The International Exhibition on Coffee, Tea & CacaoISE – Indonesia Seafood Expo and Indonesia Ornamental Fish Non Edible Product Expo. 

source -->

photos shot on CANON A2300 HD

Mommy & her friend

Till then!


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Airport Hub - Soekarno Hatta

Hi, folks!

Hell yeah, it's the end of October already. And I still struggling with my Final Project Report. Uffgh.

Let's not talk about this. NOPE.

Yes, today I'm having a planning-sudden-trip with my mom and lil sis to see the Cake Demo (which they titled 'ENJOY CHRISTMAS SPIRITS') at Puratos. We stopped by to ate lunch first at Airport HUB - Soekarno Hatta International Airport. It's a (I don't know what to call it) it's like a place where you can find restos, hotels, and cafes before you leave on your plane or having a rest while you have to wait your next flight the day after. We found Auntie's Kitchen and decided to have a quick lunch.

Auntie's Kitchen provide great Pontianak/West Borneo dishes. And it's not bad at all :) I love it. Affordable too of course. HAHAHAHA. I ordered Kungpao Rice , Cau Miaw or Baby Cauliflower, Ice Lemon Tea, Coipan (great well known Pontianak meals/snacks) and BeeHoon. Here, I didn't snap the food, because well I don't know how to review them. But, I got excited because of their nice interior looks. Let's go!

Does this reminds you of someone? Anyone? :')

who can't resist cute hand drawn illustration? I bet no one.

 And we're heading to Puratos. Puratos is a bakery ingredients supplier. Their demo? Was a success! Means the cakes, pralines, and so on are tasteful, also the demo kitchen clean and cool, the sound system was good too, chefs not rushed when they explaining everything, simple and kind. I hope I could baking someday.

Sweet Loves Log

Winter Wonderland

Orange Chocolate Bar



Thursday, October 15, 2015


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