Thursday, January 8, 2015

One Fine Day


Maybe this is the happiest thing to done a take home assignment. Hahahah.
Cause I find sometimes it's boring to do a job all alone in your room. I kinda like going somewhere,
or just chillin out even if I have to done some of my assignments.

Then, out of nowhere, my mate asked to do it outside the base camp which is her house.
And we ended up at Baywalk Mall. Gosh! It's pretty :) I love the ocean view here. Also there's
a famous BDuck Gigantic Statue, but sorry I can't snap it due to it's not the right time to visit it.

Exactly the three of us, choose a nice atmosphere at food lounge, reserved the 8 capacity table and
started to messing it up! HAHAHAH :D It's really quiet and no one bother. So, we spent almost 3
hours there.

Thanks mates, you've made my day!

@kkuldak taking a small lunch (me-left and my friend's trying to do the #handsinframe)

our messed up table



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