Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What Can Be Seen in NYC

NEW YORK! The big city where everyone dreams come true they said. Yes, I want to visit NYC too. I believe, one day I could!

Flatiron Building
Yeah, this iconic building in NYC :D I wonder how is it inside the building?
Because it’s seems so narrow from the outside.

Central Park
The biggest park in NYC! I could feel the breeze, the sound of birds chirping,
dogs barking, music on my iPod while I jog, or the traffic outside ;)

Times Square
The most photogenic street of NYC! And “after rains effect” make it perfecto!
I could imagined Iscreamed “Taxi!”.

Manhattan Harbour / Bridge
Best spot to take the Empire Building shot.

5th Avenue
Let's shop shop shop til you drop drop drop!

Park Avenue
Just a nice street photography photo spot.

Bleecker Street
Uh oh! I remembered all those scenes in the movie. Where every house has
their own small stairs in front. Those pretty colorful plants and saying hello every morning.


(image courtesy: , , Reuben Stafford , 
Shutterstock, Expedia,,

Sunday, March 19, 2017

15 Facts About Me

Thank you Mommy Jane for the tag! So here they are.
Don't forget to read her too!

. Eye-fetish
I like staring at people who has beautiful eye-shape, long lashes, and big eyes.

. I long for having braces since Senior High School
And YES, thank God n Universe I got it now. It’s not just for that fashion thingy, but really I’ve been bullied for this naughty teeth!

. I’m pretty much a vampire in blood
SAY NO TO anything related with scallions, onions, or whatevs with onions in it. PLEASE just put that things far away from my sight and from my smells!

. I got weird names for my sis n mom
I made those weird callings for them. It’s just popped out right into my mouth. I don’t know.

I can’t believe there are real best friends, just yet.

I love cheese so much. Cream cheese, cheese cake, cheese toppings, melt cheese, and cheese.

. Loyal
I’m pretty much a loyal and sometimes a jealous one. I’ve been in silent crush with one person for nearly 3 years back then. It’s hurting me. Ugh. Why.

. Easily attached
I’m having that suck personality. Pfft. If you’re that open, kind, funny, and humble I’ll have a heart for you, and well I’m taking it emotionally. And I’ll do anything just to helped you out.

. 2 hours nap
I can’t wake up before 2 hours of nap.

. A graphic designer who can’t hand draw
I just can’t hand draw L I’ve experienced getting score 5.0 at Anatomical Drawing, but amazingly I passed the test and got C in that subject. Well done as long as it’s not D/F. hahahaha! I DON’t CARE.
Oh! I also delegated my homework to my mom and sis, cause they're better than me.

. I need to be neat everytime I go out, even if it’s only going to a minimarket
Yes, I can’t be such a woman who going out only wearing a pajamas or baju rumahan

. I’m attracted to guy who wears suit
Go watch Sam Smith Like I can Music Video. You’ll discover why. Oh, I’ve been  such a weirdo since I watched HIMYM and I love BARNEYYYY! Because every guy with a suit is such a plus, so neat, tidy, and presentable.

. I'm dreaming to become a zookeeper someday
Yeah I watched 50 first dates, and since then, I wanna become a zookeeper one day. Or work at an Ocean NGO to take care those babies and become a sea explorer. How much does it cost?

. Swimming around Fancy / cute stuffs / stationeries
Gimme gimme gimme. I’ll be like a happy puppy seeing his master coming home.  

. IDK why I hate JB and TS so much

I need to tag 5 friends, so go Novreica, Japobs, VonnyDU, Nahla, Elizabeth Angelia (AND YOU!! YES you who read this blogpost, THANKYOU! A bit more fellows don’t hurt, rite?)

Or, you can take a look back to my old facts post

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Oceans of Love,

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Low Maintainance Friend

I found this tweet and bam it hit me!
I can’t describe what type of friend I was before. And, well, this one suit me well. What is Low-Maintainance friends? Based on her tweet, it was an easy going type of friend. An ignorant one. Though you rarely talked to them, nor you asked them to going out, or forget their birthdays, not throwing any special acts, or give them presents. Well they’re the same in the heart for you.

I’m pretty much that one type of friend. Even if you forget me for a long time or you talk to me when in need, as long as you didn’t torch my lighter I’m the same person you used to know. Just a little bit awkward sometimes. I’m an ISFJ, I’m also sad after all if you abandoned me. But as an ignorant B, I can take it pretty good. For such a reserved person like me, I won’t take the first step to talk to you unless I have to in particular conditions. Well, it’s hard to get along with some people when they don’t open up with me at first or having the same personality as me (which is reserved). It’s like awkward vs awkward. the result will be silence in the air. But I can become such a talkative and cheerful and loyal and I would buy anything for you, if only you moved my heart just a lil bit. Nonetheless, I’m learning not to attached to someone I barely know because everytime I did, they broke my heart or I’m taking it way too emotional when they not treat me like the way I did.

There once a quote : “I usually give people more chances than they deserve, but once I’m done. I’m done.” That’s exactly what I’m trying to tell you. Once I’m done, you’re not on the list anymore. I forgive you but I’m not making another relation with you anymore. Moreover for some plebeian peoples or guys which really can’t handle and take place their cheesy humors or words. I’m so fed up. So please, know your words, humors, or lines when you talk to people cause not everyone can take it.

Guys, did you have that one kind of friend? A low maintainance friend. Keep em close, cause you’re blessed.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Happy Women's Day!

Hi, gorgeous women!

Yes, Happy International Women's Day! To celebrate, I want to share my latest inspirations for styling everyday outfit :) Well, they came from the most hippest & influencing style ever. American, Japanese, and Korean. I didn't want to discuss fashion style all over the world, cause I'm not an expert. I believe, that whatever a woman wear, it would be great for her. One key, wear it confidently!


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Amazing Places I'll Visit Before I'm 90

Hi, there!

How's your day :) It's been March already. How fast a month could go. I wish you a very great March. A month of cheerfulness. May all the good things surrounds you always.

1. Heaven's Gate Zhang Jia Jie-Tian An Men Shan

Zhang Jia Jie, China. The best of Mountain View you could ever experienced! My mom was here before, how lucky she was! And she claimed it was beautiful beyond everything. You could travel here via the longest cable car in the world or by taking the 999++ stairs. Oh my God! I don't know which one should I choose. My heart doesn't that good for the 999++ stairs and my mind can't stop from screaming too loud for the cable car. Pfft~

 Glory to God, how beautiful it is!

Just amazingly amazing~ I will cry if I really watch this view T____T

2. Under The Cave Beach - Portugal

Actually I saw this one, from my friend who repost this. And it was on my bucket list in instant! I always love beach than mountain, tho. Because I hate climbing. My heart will sound "bump, bump, bump!" and I love the sound waves made. Though, I'm ultimately afraid died from drowning. How private it is to be in this beautiful cave if only you are the one inside ;)



3. Shark Fin Bay - Santa Cruz

For shark fin bay. I do curious about this one. Because, FYI, this came to my dream a year year ago, while I didn't know this bay was even exist! Just popped right into my dream, and someone told me it was Shark Fin Bay when I asked. I couldn't see who it was, but I heard he said it. So, I searched for it, and well secretly IT WAS EXIST! And nearly the same in my dream. I still can imagine it, what I saw in my dream. How the waves sound and how the mist embraced my face. But, one thing that the real one doesn't have. The waterfall. Ah! If only I could paint it.


4. Santorini - Greece

The most serene place you could ever imagined! Santorini. Ah I could smell all the ocean life there. With those beautiful, cleaned white walls contrast with the blue and shimmering ocean far beyond. It seems like a place in a fairytale. What you could ask for more? SEND ME THERE!


5. Finland

And this one for the magical place! To see aurora borealis the most beautiful scene Mother could give!
To be rest in an Igloo hotel accompany by a beautiful aurora outside, a billion stars or if you ever been that lucky, with snow and shooting stars too! Or making some star trail record. Ah, what a slow living I wish I had one in my life.

6. National Wildlife Park, Africa

I've been dreamin for taking a trip to these park! Such as Serengeti, Kruger, Ngorongoro, Masai Masa or others. Where I can find that well-known tree, as seen on every Disney Wildlife Scenes (The Lion King), watching the real Leopard with its beautiful pattern.

credit to - Taveer Badal


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Nice Interior Cafe in Jakarta

Hi, there!

Hand's up for those who loves cozy cafes! So, I'll be pick up a few of 'em for you :)

1. Wicked Cold

Their specialties are ice cream and fro-yo (Frozen Fruit Yogurt)! Who doesn't love these kind of
comfort food? And they support dessert for sweet tooth as well. The interior was nice, cozy, with
music played all the way you enjoy your time here. With colorful striped walls, completed with
eccentric yellow sofa and various colors of plushies. You could have a book friend alongside with you.
You can find a photoboard where they hanged customers photos.

Ruko Citra 6, Sixth Avenue
Blok H6A-6,
Cengkareng - Jakarta Barat

Open Hours:

11am - 10pm

12pm - 8pm

IG : @thewickedcold

2. Nalu Bowls

Nalu Bowls Jakarta was the branch of Nalu Bowls Bali. Everyone who ever went to Bali knew this, right? The one that served Smoothie Bowls as their specialty. As you can see, the interior was
made look a like a bar beside the beach, how quirky because it's indoor ;) Those rustic chairs and tables,
colorful plushies, wooden floor, and breezy atmosphere makes it feels like home.

Jln. Kemang Timur 69D
Jakarta Selatan

Open Hours:
Monday - Sunday
07.00am - 6.30pm

IG : @nalubowls

3. Twin House

Twin House is a good-looking, living room-like space complete with an all-encompassing white bricks. (Excerpt from  Where you can book your events here and let's have a garden
party theme! They served hot kitchen menus to fulfilled your happy bellies.

Jln. Cipete Raya no. 4B
Jakarta Selatan

Open Hours:

11am - 10pm

IG : @twinhouse_cipete


4. Coffee AYA

The coffee shop consists of two floors furnished with minimalist modern concept with interesting play between cement and Scandinavian style furniture. The menu options offered are not too many, coffee and non coffee drinks along with few selection of cookies from Surely Someday Kitchen and also small tartlets. (Excerpt from You can enjoy your sip by the window where they supplied
with all those pillows and blankets. It's been their favorite spot among customers. All is zen!

Jln. Cipete Raya no. 4B
Jakarta Selatan

Open Hours:

11am - 10pm

IG : @twinhouse_cipete



Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Hi there!
I would like to make a review about a drama everyone’s watching! Yes, that famous, lonely, and great God, GOBLIN :D I’ll write in a different point of view. The view of what’s good and bad between the characters that I found and I could learn from ‘em. Let’s go!



I love this girl a lot! She’s a kind one, a truthful and sincere. She’s also a brave, independent, and carefree person. She really is a keeper. She loves her friends, a real or ghost one. She loves them heartily, without any expectations from her acts. While, she’s also a moody in her 19, and a stubborn in her 29 ;) She’s loyal to those she hold, she’s a hardworker and cheerful. That everyone would love to hire her and having her clones! She has a broad mind, she’s bright and witty. The one who is mature even in her 9 YO life. She’s tough.


I love the scene, where she sent her mom to the after life open heartedly with encouragement words.
And where she helped her ghost friend sincerely. Her ghost friend asked her only to filled up her fridge, but Eun Tak cleanin’ up the whole boarding house! Just so the ghost friend’s mom could sent her daughter genuine-ly.


She fights her hella life with her aunt TWICE! Gosh girl!




This bright and carefree, women! She’s pretty and cute. She has a strong principals in her life. She also a brave one and an open minded. She hates rude people, and loves innocent Eun Tak. She could keep her feelings inside for the whole 9 years! She doesn’t keep up with the Jones to reach her dreams (to find the love of her life) she also an open hearted women, when she has to let go of Joseong-Saja and wait for another 39 years plus the life in the nothingness to finally become his official girlfriend. What a patient she has!


Sometimes KIM WOO BIN, Sometimes WANG YEO

Grim Reaper! A young looking Joseong! I admitted he’s the only good looking Joseong in his group ;) I love him, cause really, he’s a neat guy type. Look, he washed all the laundries, folded all the clothes, while he’s a miserable one. A funny, weird friend. He’s too moody and melancholic I thought. He can’t hide his feelings well. But he admitted his faults often and take it whole heartedly. He’s also a good friend that he has to take Joseong Auditor punishment for using his ability to helped his friends.


The Lonely and Great God, 

Ah, it’s hard to tell. But he has a really nice personalities! He’s a loyal, loving, caring, and patient guy. He’s funny and always have something sweet behind his hands. He’s a romantic one. And a great big brother. Though, he sometimes childish and careless. He’s respectful and appreciate everything. He’s calm yet fiery man.


Well, then. For me, it’s a nice fantasy drama plot I’ve ever watched, a good story, and a nice effect also! Salute for Kim Eun Sook who’d wrote that sweet, romantic, comedy, unexpected and light drama for us to consume! Waiting for the next one of yours!

Cheers for the love of good and quirky dramas!


Here's a web where you can stream this drama 
Dramacooltotv :)



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