Sunday, December 31, 2017


Thank you for those who makes this life interesting

Thank you for those who accept my awkward & weird personality
Thank you for those who accept my unusual actions when socializing
Thank you for those who likes me when I think there will be no one
Thank you for those who loves me from a distance
Thank you for those who keep pressuring me to do this and that for this go-where-the-wind flows human
Thank you for those who teaches me to have an elastic heart
Thank you for those who keep telling me to bring my meal every morning via a post it
Thank you for those who turns off my light every morning
Thank you for those who sent me to the public transport
Thank you for those who let me become what I want to be
Thank you for those who accept whatever my score is, as long as I pass the grade in my studies
Thank you for those who sent me to my office
Thank you for those who say Hi to me
Thank you for those who appreciates my helps
Thank you for those who see or not see my smallest, generous actions
Thank you for those who still tries to talk to me when I’m not the one who opens a convo
Thank you for those who silently hates or judging me
Thank you for those who still wants to arguing with me on chat in office hour
Thank you for those who makes me feel I’m super kind
Thank you for those who makes me feel invisible
Thank you for those which there when I’m needed
Thank you for those whose there when they needed me
Thank you for those who keep telling me that I’m so mommy-ish, yes I am
Thank you for those who doesn’t put a hard feeling with my words
Thank you for those who listen to all my random talks, random rants
Thank you for those who keep reminding me that God is real
Thank you for those who understands my hobbies
Thank you for those who understands my mood swings on period cycle
Thank you for those who breaks my heart
Thank you for those who do small jokes that sometimes hurts me, but it’s true somehow
Thank you for those who helps me run my life by giving me wages
Thank you for those who wants to hear my hedonism rants (I want this and that)
Thank you for those who cares for what I like
Thank you for those who keeps silent when needed
Thank you for those who keeps chatting random topics when I don’t know what topic should I pick on real convo
Thank you for those who don’t bother when I’m not sharing all my life diaries
Thank you for those who don’t make the situation more awkward
Thank you for those who bought from my small shops
Thank you for those who wants to get silly with me
Thank you for those who helps me & my sis run our business
Thank you for those who teach me how to love myself
Thank you for those who helps me achieve my goals
Thank you for those who makes me feel proud of myself
Thank you for those who makes me feel I’m still worth to be loved
Thank you for those who reminding me that I’m still their friend
Thank you for those who give me a hundred chances when I’m not that good enough
Thank you for those who makes me feel more of myself
Thank you for those who makes me feel more human

Thank you God, for becoming all of them

Thank you for always open your arms wide over and over and over again


Wednesday, December 27, 2017


MUA by Emi Kaneko ; Photography by unknown

Hello, everyone!

And Merry Christmas to you all. May the joy and love of Lord surrounds you always :)
How's your holiday? Thrilled enough? Take joy in every little thing you do.

I randomly want to scroll through Thought Catalog this afternoon to yeah, find some good article to read. Because it's been a while since the last I 'emptied' my books. And wanted to find about selfhelped article for this lonely soul. Hahahaha. Well, from those articles I'll sum up for you.

1. Improve yourself from every single aspects of your life
This is, undoubtedly true. It's the best time to improve yourself. Be a better person. 
Learn how to smile, be kind, make friends, learn new things, new hobbies, new skills, broad your mind so you're not being labeled as a boring one, read newspapers of political issues, business issues, environments, space, and whatever to broad your knowledge. Learn to do a deep convo instead of some useless small  talks. Be confident of yourself. Have integrity. Improve your personality. Pamper yourself a lil bit. Put on some makeup, take hair cut, buy good clothes, be as fine as you can be. Head up and open your chest. We all have our own ideal type, take courage to match those. 

2. Love and respect yourself. FIRST.
Love yourself doesn't mean being a narcissistic person. It means, that you maintain your health, get enough sleep, remove toxic peoples, love your job, know when to say no or yes, drink enough water, load up some positive thoughts, read books, go watch a movie, be kind, don't take things to hard, be independent, have some Yoga or morning run. All to get yourself a better and balanced life.

3. Do not LESSEN your worth
Never. Ever. There will be someone that will match your personality. That will match your worth.
All of your hard works, will be paid. A partner that requires you to be less and match their standard personality doesn't even worth your bag, huh. Unless you want to do so. Then, I said freewill is given to you. 

4. Travel
Travelling solo is everyone's dream. If you really mean it, travelling will do a worth favor for you. From travelling, you can learn so many new perspectives of how this world is mad and find what you need to do, learn from all of the people around you, bad, good. The best time to have a self introspection, to have an enlightenment, to find a turning point of your life.

5. Always do a question start from "Am I?" instead of blaming people
Always. Questioned yourself first "Why everyone doesn't like me?" "Why I don't enjoy my job?" "What can I do to make more money?" instead of blaming people for what was done to us.

6. Remember. HE got a weird calculations of time
If it's not His time yet. It will not come to us. And if it's come to us, than it's not from Him. Trusting God and put our faith isn't an easy task. Surrender all things, and let Him do the magic. 
Faith is believe of what you can't see, and see what you believe -St. Augustine

To those who seek the wonder of themselves, may the universe be with you. Let us all be bright as we have to be.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

How's Life?

Hi, all!

I know I’ve been abandoning this blog  for a long time. It’s not I’m too busy to write. But I kinda don’t have the subject to write plus I don’t have much photos to share with you. Before, I wanted this blog to be a some kind of ‘event related’ blog, turns out I don’t attend as many  event as I hope I would be. Though, I named it ‘journal’ which I can write everything I want like my daily life, ‘diary’ posts, or anything that related to journaling ended up I didn’t take proper photos for it. Ugh, so this is what they called writer's block.

Maybe, you guys can suggest me any kind of post you want to read from me? Oh, actually I write a journal and I decorate it which I update every week. Is it interesting for you to see? I would consider it.

A little life update. It’s been 11 months since me & my sis opened up a cafĂ© which we named it “WICKED COLD” why? We make the ice cream with Liquid Nitrogen which make the ice cream colder than the other. Wicked, like the cold is so cold. Hope you get it ;) Well, the business is growing slow I don’t know if it’s because the market there isn’t high or what, because there were so many restos closed in the end. We give promos, adding some other menus than ice cream & frozen yogurt, and those. Maybe we’re a lil bit ambitious took 3 years straight rent and didn’t think about the pros and cons. Me & my sis found out that we two got a free personality which we hate doing the same thing, same routines and being at the same place for a long time. So, we end up boring going to the same place like everyday. We need a ‘constantly moving’ business like online business where we can go everywhere we want, still replying those messages, and sent them the day after. We realized that running cafes or restos business is such a BIG RESPONSIBILITY. But I’m glad, now I learned how people struggling their business, I know how drained those F&B’s workers, I learned to be more patient because there’s a lot of weird customers, and how much money they spent just to promote their business. I hope me & my sis can survived this field. HAHA. 

I thought, that there are some people that born to be in business field, but some aren’t. Building offline business needs patient, strategist brain, and an extrovert personality. It’s like passion. Now I don’t  think that I’m tht kind of person. Thank God, that we finally learned something from it.  But it’s good to ever experienced it, I thank my uncle a lot lot lot to spent such money for us. And God told me to ‘JUST DO YOUR BEST’ cause everything is already done and run. SO I HAVE TO!

Until next time, hope you’re still with me!


Friday, April 28, 2017


For procrastinators, there’s always today in another day. Raise your hands if you’re with me.

So, here are my ultimate few tips for fighting it. Hope it helps J

[] Plan your activities

Having a planner helps me a lot. And also, I do decorate mine. Plus, making a key color really helps you to organize which activities/plans that has to be prioritized. The point is, when you know what you have to do each days, you’ll be get ready to do it. E.g. on Wednesday, I need to deep clean my bathroom, so on Tuesday, you’ll buy some things you need for cleaning up, or sleep earlier. Tips from me, plan every the end of the week.

[] We don’t know what will happens tomorrow

THIS.IS.IMPORTANT. We don’t know what will happen next. It might be there’s important event we need to attend or any force majeur we can’t avoid even sudden bad situations. If your plans really really important, please do it now, do it that day. E.g. Today you have to booked a flight for next week, but you ended up booked it the next day and it was already sold.

[] Mom’s yelling

THIS.IS.THE.SECOND.IMPORTANT who wants to hear Mom’s grumblings? No one wants. Count me in!

[] Do it today!

“Just do it”


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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Biblichor took me back to 1 year ago as I experienced the first great book sale. As for me, books are lifetime adventures. You can re-visit your most favorite places in a second, or run into your favorite persons forever. Because they kept all of our dreams inside. They kept all the distance near, they offer you great explorations all around the world, and they brought surreal and imaginary world right upon your eyes.

I'm so happy that I got a chance to be their VIP customer. This year, they gave VIP tickets for new members (you can register yourself through their website on their pre-sale date) or by sending your blog/vlog account to their email and they sort you. So, I took option 2 as I can't re-regist to their web :( too bad. But it's okay.

BBW held from April, 21st 2017 'til May, 2nd 2017 with total 280 hours non-stop! WOW! What a great offer, rite? They really serves bookworms well. They had Mrs. Susi, Indonesia's Marine Minister for the opening speech. 

Because I came too early here, I can't pass the main door until the ceremony end, so I took the side one. As I walked in, they surprised me with a lot of food trucks and grand kid's play area! I thought, "What an amazing improvement!" yes, they got it all to calm down your hunger and supply your kids boredom. This year's BBW took about 3-4 halls to support your demands.

Then, I headed towards the heaven! Booooks! I welcomed with the "sorting area" where people can sort out their books, or just take a rest for a while. Tho, BBW facilitate sorting area, but I don't know why people likes to sort their books here and there (oops, including me), maybe it's because of well, to save their time.

and, there was a lot of books.... boooks.... books....

Cheap imported books of course. Start from IDR 30k to about IDR 400k and also there's a lot of kids activity stuffs too!

Plus, you can find all your favorite genres of books! They have it all, ganks!

 This section is JOURNAL SECTION. Ultra cute journals! 

All genres of books got different color sections and tags. There's non fiction, fiction, romance, general, Young Adults, with sub-genre from References, Cookery, Design, Architecture, Science, Graphic Novels, Kids, and so on. The main genre hanged upon the ceiling, so people can find 'em easily. And the sub one, was on the 'table'. 

You can find various visitors from kids to adults.

One thing that disappoints me the most, was it's such a packed VIP PREVIEW SALE. We supposed to experienced the privilege to be the VIP holder. I thought, they should've distribute the limited tickets. Not everyone who registered could be the vip holder. I queued along the line to the cashier for 3 hours. Tho they got fast track, but it's only for Mandiri's customer or you can sign up for the credit card and get the facility. But I appreciated their fast action to apologies and covered up all the cashier queue mess the next day. So, we don't need to queue for hours. Yes, they still need to learn and discover customers demands and needs. But this year's improvement was highly appreciated.

GOOD JOB BBW TEAM! Can't wait to see you next year! Looking forward to it.

*some snippets

I met fellow blogger here! Introducing you Claudia you can read her review here
So happy to see her (left). Pardon my unlikely face -___- She's pretty and tall in real life and so calm!
 my unsorted books


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What Can Be Seen in NYC

NEW YORK! The big city where everyone dreams come true they said. Yes, I want to visit NYC too. I believe, one day I could!

Flatiron Building
Yeah, this iconic building in NYC :D I wonder how is it inside the building?
Because it’s seems so narrow from the outside.

Central Park
The biggest park in NYC! I could feel the breeze, the sound of birds chirping,
dogs barking, music on my iPod while I jog, or the traffic outside ;)

Times Square
The most photogenic street of NYC! And “after rains effect” make it perfecto!
I could imagined Iscreamed “Taxi!”.

Manhattan Harbour / Bridge
Best spot to take the Empire Building shot.

5th Avenue
Let's shop shop shop til you drop drop drop!

Park Avenue
Just a nice street photography photo spot.

Bleecker Street
Uh oh! I remembered all those scenes in the movie. Where every house has
their own small stairs in front. Those pretty colorful plants and saying hello every morning.


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Shutterstock, Expedia,,

Sunday, March 19, 2017

15 Facts About Me

Thank you Mommy Jane for the tag! So here they are.
Don't forget to read her too!

. Eye-fetish
I like staring at people who has beautiful eye-shape, long lashes, and big eyes.

. I long for having braces since Senior High School
And YES, thank God n Universe I got it now. It’s not just for that fashion thingy, but really I’ve been bullied for this naughty teeth!

. I’m pretty much a vampire in blood
SAY NO TO anything related with scallions, onions, or whatevs with onions in it. PLEASE just put that things far away from my sight and from my smells!

. I got weird names for my sis n mom
I made those weird callings for them. It’s just popped out right into my mouth. I don’t know.

I can’t believe there are real best friends, just yet.

I love cheese so much. Cream cheese, cheese cake, cheese toppings, melt cheese, and cheese.

. Loyal
I’m pretty much a loyal and sometimes a jealous one. I’ve been in silent crush with one person for nearly 3 years back then. It’s hurting me. Ugh. Why.

. Easily attached
I’m having that suck personality. Pfft. If you’re that open, kind, funny, and humble I’ll have a heart for you, and well I’m taking it emotionally. And I’ll do anything just to helped you out.

. 2 hours nap
I can’t wake up before 2 hours of nap.

. A graphic designer who can’t hand draw
I just can’t hand draw L I’ve experienced getting score 5.0 at Anatomical Drawing, but amazingly I passed the test and got C in that subject. Well done as long as it’s not D/F. hahahaha! I DON’t CARE.
Oh! I also delegated my homework to my mom and sis, cause they're better than me.

. I need to be neat everytime I go out, even if it’s only going to a minimarket
Yes, I can’t be such a woman who going out only wearing a pajamas or baju rumahan

. I’m attracted to guy who wears suit
Go watch Sam Smith Like I can Music Video. You’ll discover why. Oh, I’ve been  such a weirdo since I watched HIMYM and I love BARNEYYYY! Because every guy with a suit is such a plus, so neat, tidy, and presentable.

. I'm dreaming to become a zookeeper someday
Yeah I watched 50 first dates, and since then, I wanna become a zookeeper one day. Or work at an Ocean NGO to take care those babies and become a sea explorer. How much does it cost?

. Swimming around Fancy / cute stuffs / stationeries
Gimme gimme gimme. I’ll be like a happy puppy seeing his master coming home.  

. IDK why I hate JB and TS so much

I need to tag 5 friends, so go Novreica, Japobs, VonnyDU, Nahla, Elizabeth Angelia (AND YOU!! YES you who read this blogpost, THANKYOU! A bit more fellows don’t hurt, rite?)

Or, you can take a look back to my old facts post

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