Wednesday, December 27, 2017


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Hello, everyone!

And Merry Christmas to you all. May the joy and love of Lord surrounds you always :)
How's your holiday? Thrilled enough? Take joy in every little thing you do.

I randomly want to scroll through Thought Catalog this afternoon to yeah, find some good article to read. Because it's been a while since the last I 'emptied' my books. And wanted to find about selfhelped article for this lonely soul. Hahahaha. Well, from those articles I'll sum up for you.

1. Improve yourself from every single aspects of your life
This is, undoubtedly true. It's the best time to improve yourself. Be a better person. 
Learn how to smile, be kind, make friends, learn new things, new hobbies, new skills, broad your mind so you're not being labeled as a boring one, read newspapers of political issues, business issues, environments, space, and whatever to broad your knowledge. Learn to do a deep convo instead of some useless small  talks. Be confident of yourself. Have integrity. Improve your personality. Pamper yourself a lil bit. Put on some makeup, take hair cut, buy good clothes, be as fine as you can be. Head up and open your chest. We all have our own ideal type, take courage to match those. 

2. Love and respect yourself. FIRST.
Love yourself doesn't mean being a narcissistic person. It means, that you maintain your health, get enough sleep, remove toxic peoples, love your job, know when to say no or yes, drink enough water, load up some positive thoughts, read books, go watch a movie, be kind, don't take things to hard, be independent, have some Yoga or morning run. All to get yourself a better and balanced life.

3. Do not LESSEN your worth
Never. Ever. There will be someone that will match your personality. That will match your worth.
All of your hard works, will be paid. A partner that requires you to be less and match their standard personality doesn't even worth your bag, huh. Unless you want to do so. Then, I said freewill is given to you. 

4. Travel
Travelling solo is everyone's dream. If you really mean it, travelling will do a worth favor for you. From travelling, you can learn so many new perspectives of how this world is mad and find what you need to do, learn from all of the people around you, bad, good. The best time to have a self introspection, to have an enlightenment, to find a turning point of your life.

5. Always do a question start from "Am I?" instead of blaming people
Always. Questioned yourself first "Why everyone doesn't like me?" "Why I don't enjoy my job?" "What can I do to make more money?" instead of blaming people for what was done to us.

6. Remember. HE got a weird calculations of time
If it's not His time yet. It will not come to us. And if it's come to us, than it's not from Him. Trusting God and put our faith isn't an easy task. Surrender all things, and let Him do the magic. 
Faith is believe of what you can't see, and see what you believe -St. Augustine

To those who seek the wonder of themselves, may the universe be with you. Let us all be bright as we have to be.



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