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Hi there!
I would like to make a review about a drama everyone’s watching! Yes, that famous, lonely, and great God, GOBLIN :D I’ll write in a different point of view. The view of what’s good and bad between the characters that I found and I could learn from ‘em. Let’s go!



I love this girl a lot! She’s a kind one, a truthful and sincere. She’s also a brave, independent, and carefree person. She really is a keeper. She loves her friends, a real or ghost one. She loves them heartily, without any expectations from her acts. While, she’s also a moody in her 19, and a stubborn in her 29 ;) She’s loyal to those she hold, she’s a hardworker and cheerful. That everyone would love to hire her and having her clones! She has a broad mind, she’s bright and witty. The one who is mature even in her 9 YO life. She’s tough.


I love the scene, where she sent her mom to the after life open heartedly with encouragement words.
And where she helped her ghost friend sincerely. Her ghost friend asked her only to filled up her fridge, but Eun Tak cleanin’ up the whole boarding house! Just so the ghost friend’s mom could sent her daughter genuine-ly.


She fights her hella life with her aunt TWICE! Gosh girl!




This bright and carefree, women! She’s pretty and cute. She has a strong principals in her life. She also a brave one and an open minded. She hates rude people, and loves innocent Eun Tak. She could keep her feelings inside for the whole 9 years! She doesn’t keep up with the Jones to reach her dreams (to find the love of her life) she also an open hearted women, when she has to let go of Joseong-Saja and wait for another 39 years plus the life in the nothingness to finally become his official girlfriend. What a patient she has!


Sometimes KIM WOO BIN, Sometimes WANG YEO

Grim Reaper! A young looking Joseong! I admitted he’s the only good looking Joseong in his group ;) I love him, cause really, he’s a neat guy type. Look, he washed all the laundries, folded all the clothes, while he’s a miserable one. A funny, weird friend. He’s too moody and melancholic I thought. He can’t hide his feelings well. But he admitted his faults often and take it whole heartedly. He’s also a good friend that he has to take Joseong Auditor punishment for using his ability to helped his friends.


The Lonely and Great God, 

Ah, it’s hard to tell. But he has a really nice personalities! He’s a loyal, loving, caring, and patient guy. He’s funny and always have something sweet behind his hands. He’s a romantic one. And a great big brother. Though, he sometimes childish and careless. He’s respectful and appreciate everything. He’s calm yet fiery man.


Well, then. For me, it’s a nice fantasy drama plot I’ve ever watched, a good story, and a nice effect also! Salute for Kim Eun Sook who’d wrote that sweet, romantic, comedy, unexpected and light drama for us to consume! Waiting for the next one of yours!

Cheers for the love of good and quirky dramas!


Here's a web where you can stream this drama 
Dramacooltotv :)


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Stay Single?

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For me, stay is ‘to be in one pace/place for a long time period’.
Either it’s a job, a love, a place, or a feeling or another ‘a’s you can mentioned.
But, I will talk about how to stay single in your 20’s.

Sounds weird. Nope, I will tell you how to survive and why I’m still single.
The very cliché answers always “Well, I don’t find the one who good enough yet.” Everyone, no,
mostly everyone will answer that kind of question with the sentence above. And the truth is, yes. It is also the best response I could give. I don’t think I’m as good as Emma Watson (not even CLOSE!!!) to have wait for the one WHO IS GOOD ENOUGH. Everyone have their own ideal type, have their own ‘good’ standard. And that’s what makes me could tell this one is good, this one is bad. The idealist me said “I want to have one partner for ever.” Or popularly called “The first and the last”. I don’t think I like a “let’s try it first” kinda relationship, but don’t get me wrong. I mean, e.g /I know I can’t tolerate my partner bad habit, but well, let’s try it, who knows?/ This kind of thing. Because every relationship start with a TOLERANCEs. For me, number one rule in a relationship is TOLERANCE. Can you tolerate his/her personalities? Like too introvert or extrovert? The best example was the long distance relationship. Can you tolerate being so far away with your loved one and still manage to stay loyal when you can’t  see each other for a very long time? If two people can tolerate that, the relationship will stay on it’s place. Or even build a stronger bond. Now we can conclude that, I still can’t find the person who I can tolerate enough. Not because I have a high standard, nope, it’s just there’s one thing that I really can’t tolerate. Okay, let’s move to the next topic.

How I managed being single through years? Stay cool and stay calm. For everything there’s a season.

  1. Tilt your head left and right, is there a friend in your age that still single? YES? Okay, at least you feel relieved, huh? ;) You’re not alone!
  2. Take as many vacations as you can take. Don’t have money? Open an olshop, SAVING SAVING SAVING! Vacation is not always going out of town, you can visit museums, public places in your city by using local transportations, which is highly recommended. Who knows you’ll find someone in that bus? Train?
  3. Don’t feel lonely when you have to walk on your own in a mall, or eat alone! Well, put that “I’m SO SINGLE” mind aside. You can ask your relatives tho. Not so single anymore ;)
  4. Don’t have someone who makes you busy with your phone? Ugh. It’s your time to sleep! And not being freak with your phone. Walk without staring at your hopeless phone, you’ll might miss someone good.
  5. Head up, friends! Be confident.
  6. Eat as much and as gross as you can, before you feel embarrassed.
  7. Fangirling as much as you want, before someone get jealous!
  8. Having an idol is the best way to keep you feel loved. Tho, he/she share it with a thousand other people too ;) it helps!
  9. Spend your weekend at home, cleaning up everything.
  10. Take care your body. Put lotion on, mask on. Make yourself comfortable.
  11. Buy a lot of makeup kit. Learn how to do makeup, make yourself presentable. Contact lens, maybe?
  12. Buy perfume. Hair conditioner.
  13. But, feel free to walk without makeup on. Makeup is heavy and fake. Hahaha
  14. Take foreign language if you want to.
  15. But, read as much as your brain can keep. To have a broader mind with a lot of topics to be discussed.
  16. Hangout with your friend guys, girls, without asking ‘special’ permission.
  17. Love yourself. Embrace our loneliness.
Because having someone we attached to, sometimes annoying.

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Saturday, December 31, 2016


Joining the crowd of 2016 year in review. Here it is!

1. I finally done my education journey and wore that legendary hat!

2. Bali Low Budget Trip with my sisters!

3. PopCon Asia and bought some from there.

4. Big Bad Wolf Books Bazaar 2016! Impulsively bought a lot of books!

doc. Pamungkas Dinan
5. Being a part of Indonesia Fashion Week 2016 :) Thanks Team! And met a lot of different personalities friends. WooHoo!

And much more from 2016 :) Thank you 2016! You made me more mature this year.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry, Merry Christmas!


Hello! It’s finally near the end of the year again. It’s been such a year for me.
There’re so many things happened, achieved yet unfinished goals and dreams. Gain and loss. Remain the same in soul, no major change, I guessed. But must Thank God for all the joys and sadness He had brought. It shaped us. Oh, such a typical opening of a year end blogpost, huh? But, who cares.

I didn’t go somewhere special to celebrate Christmas or end this year. Just a simple celebration here. But I’m happy  I could decorate our café with a blink of lights here and there, and our little Christmas tree. Hoping that next year, we have a big one ;) We used to have a Christmas diner before, but now our café need more attention I guessed. 

 I already listed all the achievements this year on my journal book. And YEAH list all those impossible resolutions while hoping it’s still make sense for God to grant it. I setup my 2017 planner also, can’t wait to fill it with lovely moments and I’ve made a decision to capture every great moments through my phone and make it a monthly album, so that I can review it later. And write every unforgettable event on my calendar.

 So what’s your plan for next year? List all of them, before you missed it.

Much love from me J and have a merry new year. May happiness surround your days <3


Monday, November 21, 2016

Kawaii Box x Rainbow Holic Giveaway!

You guys know that I love and damn addicted about fancy stuffs! And I'm doing a journal now.

Doing a fancy journal of course I need more and more and infinite fancy stuffs to make it more readable (at least for me). Because the more it full of stuffs, the more I love to read it and write something on it. 

Nearly everyday I always watch and search for a new journal user on YT. And I somehow found this user (lucky me!) RAINBOWHOLIC

you should watch her doing her journal :) 

And, I followed her blog too for sure --> Rainbowholic Blog because I love read blogs and also, she got a good photos too.

By the way, I'm so excited because today she hosted a giveaway, a FANCY GIVEAWAY which I couldn't resist. A box full of kawaii stuffs from Korea and Japan, our heaven ;) I do all the things  I need to do to win it! So, for all of you who loves kawaii stuffs, especially stationeries, you should go win them now! Thank you so much Kaila for hosting this amazing kawaii giveaway! I'll be showing you some of the teaser. 

credits all to

And I'm wishing you a good luck!



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