Thursday, March 8, 2018


YES! Finally my disposable camera films all developed at Rawa Lab & it took about 1 week. Well, maybe they got a lot of waiting lists. It turned out a bit blurry, i don't know if it's the film or.... ?
I used the kit film (Fujicolor Superia ISO 400) from the dispose cam, cause when I found my dad's old vintage cam, they sold the battery pretty much expensive, so I ddn't decide to take it with me. Cause I already spent too much on this journey ;P 

This is my first time using a camera film, without live view, without preview button. Oh man, it's hard to cooped up. And I'm sorry if the picture doesn't worth your eyes to see ;) , I'm putting a lot of effort to it, but I also thought I ddn't take good picts tho. Hiks. Maybe, I'll try some time later with the vintage cam. 

Okay, without further a do let's get into it! 


See ya later!


Friday, February 16, 2018


Hello, Hello, Hello!

Today's post is about sisters and i Singapore Itins!
Okay, we did the trip from 8th-11th February 2018, and it was a lit for me! As this is my first ever to tick the list "GO ABROAD" resolution from 2017 :) I will never regret to choose this country as my stepping stone going abroad. Singapore really fascinated and opened my mind about how a developed and independent country would be like. Well, you'll have it later.

Let's talk about our super packed and rushed itinerary in Singapore. Once again, as it was my first trip here, and because I didn't make money that much, yet, so I made it in such a way so we could visit almost all that breathtaking manmade attractions here in Singapore. Let's hop on into it!


Arrived after a 2 hours not-so-good experience with the Captain of Flyscoot airline and some turbulences. And, it was also our first time to flight in the most least seat number oh my GOD.

Headed towards our Hotel, Fragrance Hotel Balestier in Novena neighborhood. It was a low cost hotel, and a small hotel, but near the Cheers and Sevel convenient store. Also, it has pretty good rooms too. AC good, water heater good, cleanliness good, except the thin wall. But thank God, I didn''t manage to hear something (*yeah you know what I mean). Our 2 neighbors were also a group of girls and a family I guess?

Then straightforward to looked for some lunch around the market near the hotel, that ends up already closed and we decided to lunch at Toa Payoh Central Station. Then, we went to Haji Lane, Bugis, and Chinatown by MRT

> Bugis is a colorful area with so many colorful cafes and similar buildings around it. Bugis is next to Haji Lane area where you can find a lot of Arab's shops that sells various colorful fabrics.
In Bugis, we try Brotherbird's Cafe and ordered their signature soft serve and dark chocolate waffle.

> Chinatown is alive at night! Really! Lanterns along the skyline and the chaos of the shops makes complete. it was so packed of people, all ready for Chinese New Year. Cute shops, fancy shops even TIN TIN SHOP! Chinese New Year's stuffs shops are spread all over the street, Durians, various street snacks stalls, and vege restaurant. We had a dinner at one vege restaurant.


Today's itinerary was to hop on hop off from one MRT to a Bus and vice versa. We started from Singapore Zoo, to Singapore Merlion, Garden's By The Bay and Suntec City. O God, it was a real hard day for me. We walked around 17000 steps! And my legs are sore already. Also not a good weather in Singapore, windy day. 

> Singapore Zoo well I can't say anything for this zoo but awesome! It was also my first time to visit a big zoo and walked around. We took an Elephants show, a reptiles kingdom, Baboons, and so on. They got a couple areas that differentiate each kind of animals like Wild African, Reptiles Kingdom, Tundra, Asians, and many more. I would like to say I'm really enjoying my time here. 

> Singapore Merlion and the day didn't pick us up! Because Merlion was being renovate and still not open for public narcissists yet. But we took a couple shots around the harbor just to see the grandeur Marina Bay Sands boat and Artscience Building.

> Garden's By The Bay IT WAS A TOTAL AMAZEMENT! Human and technology combine at its finest! Dang man! You must experience it by yourself. I can't spilled the details.


This is during the mist show. The show will start at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm strict. So, make sure you're there!


> Suntec City this is how you describe a modern city. 5 different buildings and each building are equipped with lots of shops and restaurants. We managed to get here by 8/9pm and I already got a serious damn headache because of the indoor outdoor and hot cold atmosphere from previous places. Pfft! I didn't wear my cap tho. Dumbass. We literally wanted to try Gudetama's Cafe, but ended up it was all reserved, pricey and I got cranky, so we chose Penang Place instead, and I didn't finish my meal because I just wanna go home and sleep!


We ride into the famous manmade Sentosa Island! With it's super monorail, cable car, or even a boardwalk! But we chose monorail instead, to speed everything's up and because my legs are not ready for another long walk nor my shoes. I've got the wrong shoes. Shush. 

> Sentosa Island - Skyluge and Skyline
Youngsis & I chose to ride the "once is never enough" ride which is skyluge, and true! We online ordered 2 tracks in a row and it was a fun ride! Well, see? I can ride a car well. While my sis didn't want to take her adrenaline's rush, she only ride the skyline. Then, we lunch at Subway and headed to Siloso Beach. But I didn't enjoy my time there, since it wasn't a real beach and I didn't in the mood for something beachy. hahahah. Then to see the resorts world, Universal Studio and Waterfront Harbour. Some of you might say "why the hell you didn't take the Universal Studio?" well, I want it so bad too,but it would be such a waste of time just to take Universal for the rest of the day. So yeah, until then Universal.

Henderson waves is a long award winning architectural bridge near the Henderson neighborhood. To be finally here was one of my worst nightmare. To hike and to take the stairs. Guys, my heart can't take it. But I made it! YES I MADE IT! I really want to go here, and after my fights, I made it. It was also the same lane to go to Faber Peak Mountain. You can be here by bus or by car.

> Tiong Bahru Neighborhood - Creamier & Booksactually
actually my sis nagging to be at Orchard road at this time, but I'm also nagged to be at Tiong Bahru instead. And we can still have time to go to Orchard road. So here we are, at Tiong Bahru tranquil neighborhood. I would love to live here oh really, if only.

> Orchard Road to be here, is doing some shopping.

So, here it is our Singapore Itinerary. For the next visit, I will be more relax. Visiting Universal Studio, trying the smart bike, or just hanging around at Orchard road. Until then!


Monday, January 29, 2018



*Disclaimer: Sebelumnya, ini adalah pengalaman pribadi dan buah pikiran saya. Saya tidak memaksa siapapun untuk setuju bahkan harus merubah dirinya. Apabila sampai kepada demikian, saya sangat bersyukur jika post ini membantu.

Suatu malam, saya bertanya pada Tuhan : "Tuhan, enak kali yah kalo saya bisa langsung ketemu sama rasul-rasul. Kayaknya mereka adalah salah seorang yang bisa sangat dipercaya. Karena mereka langsung bertemu sama Tuhan dan mendengar suara Tuhan secara gamblang. Kalo sekarang, kan gak ada." (Saya juga heran, kenapa saya selalu bertanya hal-hal aneh, yang kadang-kadang, orang bilang gak usahlah lu pedulikan.)

Lalu, tidak mendapat jawaban apa-apa. Kemudian, bertanyalah kepada Ibu saya, juga jawabannya tidak memuaskan. Katanya : "Loh, kan sekarang gantinya jadi pendeta." dan menurut saya, itu kurang menjawab pertanyaannya. Kemudian, lagi, saya sharing ke Suster, dan jawabannya hampir saja sempurna, "kan, ada Pendeta cici. Pendeta kan juga dipandu sama Tuhan. Karena kita ini orang-orang berdosa, makanya sudah susah deh mendengar suara Tuhan secara langsung. Tetapi kan, ada Roh Kudus yang menuntun Pendeta-Pendeti." Hmm... oke. Tapi kurang saja rasanya. Belum mencapai titik dimana saya bisa paham.

Tetapi, lagi-lagi, karena Dia gemas akan ke-lemot-an ini, akhirnya dijawab (yeah) "Yah kan, mereka itu harus membuat sebuah tulisan tentang semua yang Aku katakan, untuk di masa masa depan bisa menjadi panutan bagi Pendeta. Kalo misalkan Aku tidak langsung berbicara pada mereka, mereka tahu darimana? Kurang seru kalau Aku sendiri yang menuliskannya. Dan sekarang, merekalah yang kau bisa percaya, jika mereka dapat menafsirkan perkataanKu dengan tepat & benar."

Ohh... Iya... Iya... Itu alasannya, karena dulu mereka ditakdirkan untuk menulis segala sesuatunya dari semula-mula, untuk orang di masa yang akan datang nanti. Karena saya yakin Tuhan tahu apa yang akan terjadi jika seseorang bisa mendengar suaraNya secara langsung. Untuk hal ini, yasudahlah, leave it unanswered. Karena, otak ini sepertinya juga tidak sanggup untuk menerka-nerkanya.


Friday, January 12, 2018



Sebelumnya, ini adalah pengalaman pribadi dan buah pikiran saya. Saya tidak memaksa siapapun untuk setuju bahkan harus merubah dirinya. Apabila sampai kepada demikian, saya sangat bersyukur jika post ini membantu.

Di umur sekarang ini (23th) kadang-kadang aku merasa kalau pikiran semakin matang. Ya matang dalam menghadapi dunia dan segala kegilaannya. Kalau soal teliti dan sebagainya yah, masih dibilang kurang lah. Mau dibilang dewasa juga rasanya yah masih 1/4 deh. Tapi, bersyukur banget dengan ada kamar mandi, Transjakarta dan sudah punya kamar sendiri, jadi bisa merenungi kehidupan ini, sambil ngomong sendiri sama Tuhan. Hehe. Yes, saya suka ngomong sendiri, sampai teman dan Mami suka omelin. 

Sampai suatu malam, tiba-tiba pikiran yang lagi galau ini menemukan setitik pencerahan. Lagi ngomel-ngomelnya, ngedumel-ngedumelnya sama Tuhan "kenapa sih Tuhan, aku kok gak bisa kayak mereka? Aku pengen kayak mereka. Aku mau ini mau itu mau kayak ini mau kayak itu." (kan? masih 1/4 dewasa) terus Tuhan bilang : "Kamu bisanya ngedumel terus. Selama ini, pernah gak lihat yang sudah Aku lakukan untuk kamu?" Sepertinya Tuhan udah panas kupingnya dengerin aku ngomel terus kayak gitu. Jadi dijawab deh akhirnya (*berarti kalau mau dijawab ngedumel aja terus ;p gak deng.) JENG JENG!! Tuhan kan kalo jawab gitu yah, *jleb*. Aku langsung berpikir, oh ya bener juga yah. Selama ini, aku jarang banget refleksi ke kehidupanku, jarang seriusnya refleksiin hidup aku. Apa saja yang Tuhan sudah lakukan untuk aku? "Sebagian besar yang kamu minta udah SAYA kasih loh." terus, dilanjutin lagi : "Kamu inget kan, kalo berkat orang itu beda-beda? Berkat orang itu datengnya gak samaan?" hmmm, bener juga sih. Terus, mungkin saja, kita belum sanggup atau memang kita bukan talentanya di bidang yang kita iri dari orang lain. Tapi terkadang, kalo saya minta-minta terus, terus dikabulin, eh taunya zonk "Nah, baru kan rasain? Makanya, aku gak mau kasi kamu dari dulu. Sekarang rasain deh." Aku cuma bisa "Hehe." Terus, seringnya Tuhan juga ngomong melalui suster aku yang sudah 20 tahun mengabdi, she's really like my long lost grandma! She's such a faithful friend to Him. Dia bilang "cici, semua itu ngantri. Doa-doa juga semua ngantri. Tuhan pasti udah taro antriannya, tinggal tunggu aja kapan dipanggilnya dan dikabulinnya." OH YAH! ITU SUPER MAKE SENSE! Tuhan tidak cuma mengurus 1 manusia buluk (red-saya), tapi bermiliar orang. Yang sopan dong, antri. hehehe.

Jadi, intinya itu. Seperti quotes quotes terkenal "Don't compare your life to anybody else." "Count YOUR blessings." (bukan ngitungin berkat orang lain, emang digaji?) "Kamu selalu ngitungin berkat orang lain, sampe berkat kamu aja kamu gak urusin. Gimana mau merasa cukup? Gimana mau selalu bersyukur? Gimana mau merasa puas dengan hidup kamu yang sekarang?" Iye, iye.. Makanya di tahun ini mau buat resolusinya semua yang merubah sikap. lebih detail nulis resolusinya bukan cuma "BE A BETTER SELF" aja, tapi gak tau apa yang mau di-better-in. Ya kan? Melihat berkat orang lain, boleh. Malah harus didukung dan ikut senang (siapa tau impian kamu malah menjadi nyata di orang lain, dan kamu sedikit kecipratan? God works in a strange way). Tapi jangan sampai berkat sendiri berserakan.

(*Sedikit cerita: jadi saya dari dulu suka banget sama LINE. Mau kerja disana, karena super cute. Duh. Eh singkat cerita, gak masuk kualifikasi. Bbrp tahun kemudian, temen saya dapet klien LINE dari kantor agency dia. Eh ayo apa? Aku suka dikasi goodies sm dia. Karena dia tau aku suka barang lucu. dan ternyata, dia kerjaannya harus nyeketch nyeketch gitu, which aku GAK BISA TOTAL!)

Sebenernya banyak sih PM's thoughts ini. Cuma yang satu ini pertama yah, udah di 'dumel' in terus suruh post. Heehehe. Oh guys, buat yang mau nanya : God didn't talk to me in personal like I could hear HIS voice. I would be hardly PEE ON MY PANTS! Well, I'm not that good, pure, saint enuf to experience it yet. But, it somehow my inner self that talked to me (it's the spirit of Him). Or through those whom I care or care to me. 

Semoga bisa menjadi berkat yah post ini. Good Nite! See You!


Sunday, December 31, 2017


Thank you for those who makes this life interesting

Thank you for those who accept my awkward & weird personality
Thank you for those who accept my unusual actions when socializing
Thank you for those who likes me when I think there will be no one
Thank you for those who loves me from a distance
Thank you for those who keep pressuring me to do this and that for this go-where-the-wind flows human
Thank you for those who teaches me to have an elastic heart
Thank you for those who keep telling me to bring my meal every morning via a post it
Thank you for those who turns off my light every morning
Thank you for those who sent me to the public transport
Thank you for those who let me become what I want to be
Thank you for those who accept whatever my score is, as long as I pass the grade in my studies
Thank you for those who sent me to my office
Thank you for those who say Hi to me
Thank you for those who appreciates my helps
Thank you for those who see or not see my smallest, generous actions
Thank you for those who still tries to talk to me when I’m not the one who opens a convo
Thank you for those who silently hates or judging me
Thank you for those who still wants to arguing with me on chat in office hour
Thank you for those who makes me feel I’m super kind
Thank you for those who makes me feel invisible
Thank you for those which there when I’m needed
Thank you for those whose there when they needed me
Thank you for those who keep telling me that I’m so mommy-ish, yes I am
Thank you for those who doesn’t put a hard feeling with my words
Thank you for those who listen to all my random talks, random rants
Thank you for those who keep reminding me that God is real
Thank you for those who understands my hobbies
Thank you for those who understands my mood swings on period cycle
Thank you for those who breaks my heart
Thank you for those who do small jokes that sometimes hurts me, but it’s true somehow
Thank you for those who helps me run my life by giving me wages
Thank you for those who wants to hear my hedonism rants (I want this and that)
Thank you for those who cares for what I like
Thank you for those who keeps silent when needed
Thank you for those who keeps chatting random topics when I don’t know what topic should I pick on real convo
Thank you for those who don’t bother when I’m not sharing all my life diaries
Thank you for those who don’t make the situation more awkward
Thank you for those who bought from my small shops
Thank you for those who wants to get silly with me
Thank you for those who helps me & my sis run our business
Thank you for those who teach me how to love myself
Thank you for those who helps me achieve my goals
Thank you for those who makes me feel proud of myself
Thank you for those who makes me feel I’m still worth to be loved
Thank you for those who reminding me that I’m still their friend
Thank you for those who give me a hundred chances when I’m not that good enough
Thank you for those who makes me feel more of myself
Thank you for those who makes me feel more human

Thank you God, for becoming all of them

Thank you for always open your arms wide over and over and over again



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