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Hi, guys!

This is my first time being at Popcon Asia. All just for the sake of fancy things hunting party. 
Since I'm not a big fans of Japanese Animation/Manga/Anime or what else, so I just hoping that there would be any stand that sold some cute stuffs instead of anime characters. Ended up, I found pretty much of them. Happily sightseeing all the great artists, illustrators with all their amazing various stuffs. Wow, I didn't know before that as a people that jump into creative world, it would be so interesting enjoy others works like this :) I'm blessed. Well, that's one of my goal going to Popcon, tho. Oh geez, even their namecards are sell-able. I met fashion blogger yet talented artist, if you guys know from bigdreamers blog! Photo and link below.

So, here at POPCON ASIA 2016, there are so many programmes you can enjoy. From workshops, seminars, live drawing competitions, and portfolio reviews. And nearly 40 artisan stands! Selling stuffs like postcards, keychains, original toys, wooden toys, cosplay things, enamel pins, pins, bags, shirts, notebooks, coloring books, and so on. Oh, before I go further, this event held from 12-14th August 2016 at Jakarta Convention Center. Since our works were a high risk stolen by a not responsible one, so BEKRAF or Badan Ekonomi Kreatif opened a booth where YES, we can register our trademark or brand. This is such a good news and main attraction for me. Also, there's an Animamix Exhibition held here.

12-14th August 2016
JCC - Jakarta
HTM : 1 day 65.000
          : 3 days pass 150.000

Without further do, let's go!

Kreavi is a place where artists meet with clients around the world via website

Japobs x Kennezia. You can follow Japobs blog on :

In the hidden place' 2011 by : Amalia Kartika Sari 

See you in the next event!


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bali Low Budget Travel 2016

Hello guys! I'm so excited to share this with you all.

As you know, that me & my sisters had a trip to Bali on 29-31st July back then. And today I might not give you bunch of photos from our 3 days, but I give you a video diary! Nope, it's not a vlog I promised, it's more like travel diary. And I will give you some my tips & tricks for low budget travel to Bali. I don't say that this tips are the best one, because it's all based on my experience that I'm willing to let you guys know.  Without further do, let's go!

1. Tickets 
Well, we got a pretty expensive tickets tho. Round trip for about 1,6million.
I suggest you to book a ticket 1 year before ;)

2. Transportation 
Use UBER, yes Bali has UBER too :) For near places such as you're about to going from Kuta to Seminyak. But if you decide to go to a long ride places (beaches to beaches or different areas - Kuta Tanah Lot), you better rent a car or use taxi - because there's a part of Bali that UBER doesn't allowed to operate (Tanah Lot, Seminyak, Uluwatu, Sanur). And then, you can explore the area with your own two feet! Because we do :) And it cost less money. Really!

3. Accomodation
Better you guys stay at a 2/3 stars hotels or rooms (such as airy rooms/NIDA rooms) that already had an online review, we stayed at Maria Hotel. It was pretty nice. The pool is clean & clear, breakfast was good, clean & bright room tho the AC is broken, it still give us the chill in the morning. The most important one, was the bathroom also clean! We paid about 400 thousands rupiahs for 3 days 2 nights (1 room) + extra bed 1 night (100 thousands rupiahs).

Or if you such an amazing traveler that will go to many places, you better have book different places based on where you will go the next day. So you can save more money.

*P.s : for anyone of you that decided to stay at a 1/2/3 stars hotel or hostels, PLEASE make sure that:
1. Your bed is free from bugs or insects or any other creepy crawlies by open up the bed covers.
2. Your toilet's flush, shower, and sink are functioning well
3. Your under bed is free from whatever that fright you out (like dogs? or stray cats? or whatever)
4. Check the bathroom roof, is it cracked open? Or your bathroom windows, can someone peek in?
5. Your backyard or your window room
6. Your surrounded neighborhood

(Well, you may said that I'm like a freak or insecure one, but trust me, those are important and it's awful if there's anything happened. You may add some more to your checklists ;) )

4. What to Eat 
For this trip, we are all ready to spent more on foods and desserts. So, all I can suggest you is eat at 'warung' for cheaper but delicious foods. My friends took me to Warung Sari Manis at Renon near Sanur and yes I could guarantee you that it's sucha comfortable place, clean, delicious foods and we are all full! Thanks Putri, Modest, and Mito :) 

5. Plan your Visit
This is the number one case you guys must have in mind before you travel everywhere.

Bali has so many objects and sites to see. To minimize time and cost, you need to plan where areas you wanna go first. Keep it one track, so you're not wasting your time on the rides. Example : 

a. Tanjung Benoa - Nusa Dua - Uluwatu

b. Kuta - Legian - Seminyak

c. Bedugul - Sangeh - Ubud

But, the best suggestion I could give you is ask your trusted travel agent or your local friend or local rent car driver and having a Google research first :)

That's all guys! And don't forget to watch my travel diary! Love you.

Here's some snippets



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