Saturday, February 15, 2014


Hello, there!

I've done my travel to Sawarna Beach yesterday :)
Sawarna is actually a name of a village. There are 3 beautiful beaches there as far as I know. There is Tanjung Layar Beach, Sawarna Beach, and Laguna Pari Beach. But I only visited Tanjung Layar and Sawarna. It's a nice trip with my Photography club from University .. We had a lot of activities there.

We went there by bus. And, yes, I'll tell you it's a rough street. I won't took the bus anymore to get there, maybe by sea. hahahah .. Can't help the bouncy part. But, all that mad is definitely PAID OFF!
The weather is good, although I got tan after this, but, what's the best part having a trip to the beach? YES, got sunburn or tan :)


Monday, February 10, 2014

cityscape hunting #2

Hello, there :)

I always have this kind of feeling. Yes, travelling around my country. But, I don't have the chance to, hmm.. Even if travelling my own city. Travelling costs money, although we can travel with a really cheap price, but it still costs money, rite? And, I don't even make money for myself. It's nice to see some travellers blogs, I feel like, I travelled through their post :) My Mom such a protective one though, maybe because I'm a girl and she didn't have a boy, soo... yeah. But, glad that little by little she already trust me, to travel by myself. Sure, if it's only just around the city.

Oh, I got another nice photography blog to follow ---> Anton Repponen

Well, my sis took this 2 photos :)


Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Smurf(miss) You

Hello, there~
Finally, I have a proper internet connection here :)

I'm on a deep condolences for my best inpiration in photography field . World lost the beautiful young lady and talented photographer. Mandy
She's really a nice girl although I never met or talked to her by social media. Only by her blog that I always visit everytime she's updated. I always adore her photos, adore her loving soul, or kindness to reply 'thankyou' in every beauty comment in her blog. I also heard that she always reply everyone's message on her facebook or email. I heard that she passed away because of a winter bug. She's living in UK, originally from Malay. Now, she's being my inspiration to see the world differently and being a nice person to each other. I don't know why I feel so loss, I'm not her close friend. But, it feels like it's strange to not see her stories anymore. She once told us that she really wish that she could done travel Europe.
Till this day, I still hoping that it wasn't real. May God give you a great place to take photos there, cause I believe that there's a great beautiful place than world can ever give you, and be with your family and friends too :) You'll always be missed by everyone that loves you. I know that you will never read our posts about you again. But, I know that God will tell you someday. I miss you. I'll never unfollow your blog or your FB page or your instagram.

Then, till we meet again, Mandy <3



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