Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Good Friends, were never really apart

Hello, bloggers :)

Yes! Finally all done! Holiday is already in front of my eyes .. 3 months baby!
Okay, despite the happiness of the super long holidays, I'm still wandering to make some money from this.
I need to checklist what will I do everyday, to break the boringness (?) . Maybe I will do some photo challenge? Don't know.

Yesterday, I went on little farewell with my close friends . It was fun and nobody seems sad. Haha.
We had lunch and after that we had karaoke time! 3 hours and it's not enough. My friends was too crazy!
Oh my! I can't leave them like that. I will miss them very much, their freaking habits actually. Too much memories. I thank God, I met them and be friend with them. I always called it a luck and yes, a grace.
Maybe I can't find new friends like them who loves to teases each other, have a very talented hands, an intelligent, a never-shy-person, a wikip's friend, an amazing voices and those creepy and freaky habits. hahaha.


ah! by the way, on the next 4th of July, I will go to Bali for summer holiday! EXCITED!
wait for my Bali's post :) BYE! Hope you all have a GREAT HOLIDAYS!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

from strangers.

Hello, bloggers :)

Tomorrow is my first final test. And photography will be the first subject . Thank God, it's a home and group project .. yay! I've done it a few days ago :)

I just can't bear with goodbies. Everybody hates goodbies, huh? Myyy, I already love my old friends. I'm not a social person. I always follow my instincts first, yes, in this case judging. Err, sometimes I don't like my "judging" personality as well, hahaha, it's kinda annoying for me too :( But, what can I do? feelings always rights.
I love my close friends :D although some of them came from an upper class family, but they're so humble :D and so freaking freaky and creepy! They loved to laugh out loud and doing strange things . haha, but I love it. They're such a "comfortable" friends! I can do anything with them without worrying them get angry, yes still in appropriate way :D We will take a separate major, and I'm gonna miss you all guys! Keep shouting my name if you see me, k?

weird faces


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