Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Please God, give me :(

Hey there Bloggers :)

Sometimes I wonder, what it will be like if I have my OWN new bedroom?
I'm gonna be sooooooo happy .. ( Please, God. I need it so much for some reason that I can't tell here).
I can do anything in my bedroom, doing a photoshoot with my stuff, having a midnite sleep, having a midnite show on television, reading, stargazing, dreaming, talk to my self, talk to God loudly, etc.

I wish I have a bedroom where...

. A BIG BIG window covered with cute curtain where sunrise/sunset peeping at me

. there's my cozy corner with comfort sofa (hippo look a like where I can sit in it's belly, and a lamp above me, and the corner covered with small soft mat) where I can reading books or playing computer there,

. there's my own big and wide studytable(?!) under a big window where I can do all things such like doing my design assignment . hehe .. there's a complete copics there.

. my own comfort bed which the rack is beside (stick to the wall) the bed, and I can put all cute things there (such like dolls, or cute frames, or cute miniature)

. there's a blank wall which I can glue a wallpaper on it, so that I can do a photoshoot there

. AND the most IMPORTANT thing is ..... *drumroll* a TOILET *clappinghands* with a good ventilation. so, my bedroom will not become a STINKY bedroom hehehe.

yeah, I can't draw it to a paper .. I just can find a picture from google which is a lil bit suits those things (cause I can't find a best picture that suits those things) :( ..

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quality Time

Hello, bloggers.

it's my second post today . hehehe

it's the same day with SeaWorld :) hehe, after we went there, we went to CentralPark (not in NewYork, Jakarta have it too , but it's a Mall) . My other friends saw a movie , Men In Black 3 then me and Vera just wanna have a little talk in the park and Mall's Terrace . So, we bought Chatime one for two and continued our talk at the park we had chitchat about 2hours non stop, it's so FUN ! I've never had a conversation like this before . I'm so happy, she's a fun and comfortable listener and partner :) Thanks for being my friend for accepting me in the way I am (is it a correct grammar? Blog is my way to learn about grammar , hehe , so sorry if there's any wrong grammar ;p )

a view from the park

me & Vera

CentralPark had a best Architecture !

a dirty feet, walk along that day ! ><



Announcement Day

Hello, bloggers :)

Fiuuhh , it's been a long time waiting this day . Announcement Day ..
can I graduate with the good score?

I officially graduated from HIGH SCHOOL , YEAH !
It's mean NO MORE SCIENCE LESSON ! I took DESIGN as my primary major lesson in college.
Well, FYI I'm a fake science student . HAHAH .. but I won't took Social Studies . I hate administration lesson, economy , geography, etc. aaahh ><
and actually I hate physic,chemistry, and bio . So, what should I choose?
Better I choose SCIENCE, because at my school social peoples having a bad attitude ( not them all, a few) . you know how science peoples actually act right?

oh! why I called myself a fake science peoples? because my score at physic, chem, and bio is not so that good . heheh , but my English Lesson was the highest score:) and my final score (national exam) was yeahh, I got 7point3 . NO PROBLEM, the main thing was I OFFICIALLY GRADUATE with a good final score :) THANKS GOD ..

it's me , finally :) hahaha


Friday, May 25, 2012

Sea World - Ancol, Indonesia

Hey there, bloggers :)

Finally I went to SeaWorld !! I think it's already a teenage dream not a child dream anymore . heheh
But I sad , why I must be grown up so fast. Now, I see SeaWorld such a small building . 
Previously, I saw SeaWorld such a big building, where I can't see a whole building just a day. 
But now, guess, I can saw a whole building for just one a half hours ! 

And, I thought this is where God's answer my prayer. Before it, I have a farewell trip to Bali
where my mom n dad didn't support me to went there because of the paranoid news on TV.
Then, I prayed to God (" I know you always have the right time, where I can go with my friends as 
a farewell trip") and HE answered me .. I went to SeaWorld for free! yeah!
We went with TransJakarta in the morning, and continued with Bus WaraWiri to SeaWorld .. 
Okay, let's enjoy what I've found there . 

(sorry, for the noise from my camera, it's already old)



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