Saturday, May 26, 2012

Announcement Day

Hello, bloggers :)

Fiuuhh , it's been a long time waiting this day . Announcement Day ..
can I graduate with the good score?

I officially graduated from HIGH SCHOOL , YEAH !
It's mean NO MORE SCIENCE LESSON ! I took DESIGN as my primary major lesson in college.
Well, FYI I'm a fake science student . HAHAH .. but I won't took Social Studies . I hate administration lesson, economy , geography, etc. aaahh ><
and actually I hate physic,chemistry, and bio . So, what should I choose?
Better I choose SCIENCE, because at my school social peoples having a bad attitude ( not them all, a few) . you know how science peoples actually act right?

oh! why I called myself a fake science peoples? because my score at physic, chem, and bio is not so that good . heheh , but my English Lesson was the highest score:) and my final score (national exam) was yeahh, I got 7point3 . NO PROBLEM, the main thing was I OFFICIALLY GRADUATE with a good final score :) THANKS GOD ..

it's me , finally :) hahaha



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