Friday, May 25, 2012

Sea World - Ancol, Indonesia

Hey there, bloggers :)

Finally I went to SeaWorld !! I think it's already a teenage dream not a child dream anymore . heheh
But I sad , why I must be grown up so fast. Now, I see SeaWorld such a small building . 
Previously, I saw SeaWorld such a big building, where I can't see a whole building just a day. 
But now, guess, I can saw a whole building for just one a half hours ! 

And, I thought this is where God's answer my prayer. Before it, I have a farewell trip to Bali
where my mom n dad didn't support me to went there because of the paranoid news on TV.
Then, I prayed to God (" I know you always have the right time, where I can go with my friends as 
a farewell trip") and HE answered me .. I went to SeaWorld for free! yeah!
We went with TransJakarta in the morning, and continued with Bus WaraWiri to SeaWorld .. 
Okay, let's enjoy what I've found there . 

(sorry, for the noise from my camera, it's already old)



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