Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Please God, give me :(

Hey there Bloggers :)

Sometimes I wonder, what it will be like if I have my OWN new bedroom?
I'm gonna be sooooooo happy .. ( Please, God. I need it so much for some reason that I can't tell here).
I can do anything in my bedroom, doing a photoshoot with my stuff, having a midnite sleep, having a midnite show on television, reading, stargazing, dreaming, talk to my self, talk to God loudly, etc.

I wish I have a bedroom where...

. A BIG BIG window covered with cute curtain where sunrise/sunset peeping at me

. there's my cozy corner with comfort sofa (hippo look a like where I can sit in it's belly, and a lamp above me, and the corner covered with small soft mat) where I can reading books or playing computer there,

. there's my own big and wide studytable(?!) under a big window where I can do all things such like doing my design assignment . hehe .. there's a complete copics there.

. my own comfort bed which the rack is beside (stick to the wall) the bed, and I can put all cute things there (such like dolls, or cute frames, or cute miniature)

. there's a blank wall which I can glue a wallpaper on it, so that I can do a photoshoot there

. AND the most IMPORTANT thing is ..... *drumroll* a TOILET *clappinghands* with a good ventilation. so, my bedroom will not become a STINKY bedroom hehehe.

yeah, I can't draw it to a paper .. I just can find a picture from google which is a lil bit suits those things (cause I can't find a best picture that suits those things) :( ..


  1. bener-bener! setuju sangat
    apalagi kalo interiornya semua baru
    kamarnya kaya princess gitu. aduuhh !

  2. iah CO .. gila banget yaa enaknyaaa :(


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