Friday, April 28, 2017


For procrastinators, there’s always today in another day. Raise your hands if you’re with me.

So, here are my ultimate few tips for fighting it. Hope it helps J

[] Plan your activities

Having a planner helps me a lot. And also, I do decorate mine. Plus, making a key color really helps you to organize which activities/plans that has to be prioritized. The point is, when you know what you have to do each days, you’ll be get ready to do it. E.g. on Wednesday, I need to deep clean my bathroom, so on Tuesday, you’ll buy some things you need for cleaning up, or sleep earlier. Tips from me, plan every the end of the week.

[] We don’t know what will happens tomorrow

THIS.IS.IMPORTANT. We don’t know what will happen next. It might be there’s important event we need to attend or any force majeur we can’t avoid even sudden bad situations. If your plans really really important, please do it now, do it that day. E.g. Today you have to booked a flight for next week, but you ended up booked it the next day and it was already sold.

[] Mom’s yelling

THIS.IS.THE.SECOND.IMPORTANT who wants to hear Mom’s grumblings? No one wants. Count me in!

[] Do it today!

“Just do it”


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  1. why we fight, we should love it.. :p

    btw i need procrastination

    1. well yeah, sometimes we just need it the most. hahaha ><

  2. adrenalin rush when you're that close to the dead line is the reason why procrastinating is still exist

    1. LOL. I can't say that there're no people doing that for the sake of the adrenaline rush. Cause yes, it makes us like "Oh, yeah, I can do it though!" rite? I sometimes did that too, just to well, 'play' with it ;) Cause there're too many to be worked on and there comes the deadline for everything. errh

  3. This is such an IMPORTANT post. I've been dealing with procrastination a lot lately and thank you for writing this post.
    I will definitely write and list down everything I should do so I can know where to begin.

    1. listers gotta list! I love listing all my activities, cause I'm such an easily distract type.


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