Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Resolution 2016

Hi, Folks!

How are you these past days? Having a memorable time to keep?
Or already decide what to do closing this year?

It's always been a challenging days when you knew it will end soon. Do we REALLY moved on and start a new year? Do we REALLY left it all behind? Do we REALLY change to be better? And it will always been my huge questions for myself too. I feel like I didn't change as much as I want to be. But I really really hope that 2016 will become a great year for me. As I already have my resolutions :) And a year that I will (hopefully) finally have so much free time! 

Will you share some of yours as I will share it with you? Leave your blog URL on the comment box below. Would like to visit :) Happy New Year!!

1. Graduated very well from uni
2. Got paid every month (works? or open up an online shop?)
3. Get back into church choir
4. Motion graphic lessons
5. Got a very nice working place
6. Sell some DIY planner stuff
7. Read Daily Bread
8. Continuing Thankful Days
9. Japanese lessons
10. Volunteering :) (I'm trying for events or organisations)
11. #Dessertday with my sis
12. Been able to travel somewhere
13. Been abroad
14. Tidy up my blogposts as I'll try to contribute on a press-available event (such as fashion week or else)
15. Youtube-ing?
16. More DIYs
17. A proper Christmas Tree at home.



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