Saturday, December 14, 2013

50 facts about me.

I think, it's a funny thing to list random facts about yourself. 
So, I'll start!

#1 I love books. Sci-Fi books, travelling magazines, romance novels, fantasy novels. But, hell yeah to subject books.
#2 I love weird animals. Hippo, T-Rex, Bunny (okay, this one isn't weird).
#3 I really hate APES!
#4 Beach and Sea is always a good things for me
#5 iPod is my moodbooster
#6 Having a weird self-reflection / daydreaming on the way home in a public transportation
#7 I love discovering town by myself with pub.transportation. This hobby is so worth it, I can found a new way to a new places.
#8 I love observing a new place while I'm in a car. Whether it's a sign for something, a store, or peoples.
#9 I always have a habit to see peoples face one by one, when I'm in a bus or something, it's nice to see them when they got into the bus.
#10 I'm a truly negative-thinker (this habit is so damn annoying!)
#11 I'm so talkative when I feel comfortable with someone
#12 A lover of fancy things
#13 I don't like being a leader or if I have to manage a bunch of people.
#14 I hate being distracted when I'm on my dream
#15 I can't sleep if the room is so busy/produced noise
#16 I can feel what peoples feel by my experience and put 'me' in their situation
#17 Mostly act with heart, not logic
#18 Sometimes being a coward
#19 Not a speech-able person (is there 'speech-able' in dictionary?!)
#20 A loyal friend
#21 A parallipophobia
#22 Panic is my friend.
#23 I love writing some happy ending stories
#24 I hate action, horror, and mellow stories. But, happy ending drama always makes my day!
#25 I love Bigbang, Lee Min Ho, Boyce Avenue, and Owl City.
#26 I love having a really private conversation with Him. I usually talked to, not prayed to. Cause, I don't like have a formal conversation with Him.
#27 Observing peoples is always attached with me. I observed before I start talking to them, or say Hi, or be friend with them
#28 An awkward one. I fill the conversation, but I don't know how to start.
#29 DIY is a fun thing!
#30 Making some weird names over my sis.
#31 Sleepy-head
#32 Tumblr, Instagram, Blogwalking
#33 I adore Man D so much!
#34 I love photography. I love cityscape.
#35 I can't draw although I'm a design graphic's student. So desperate!
#36 I kinda hate read newspaper. Too much texts.
#37 I don't like e-book
#38 I never been to a single concert in my 19 years life!
#39 Never have any serious relationship . Oh, maybe I'm the one who got the chance for 'the one and only'?
#40 I hate face to face competition.
#41 I always believe that dolls have feelings too ;)
#42 I hate lightning and thunder
#43 I love 'couple-ing' peoples. Hahaha
#44 I love flowers. Dianthus, daisies, pink roses, Babybreath, Poppy, andddd I forgot one!
#45 I love big size top over stretch top
#46 I hate bangs down man/guy
#47 I love red and pink. I hate black and yellow.
#48 I wrote a diary
#49 Singing!
#50 Last but not least, number 2 in 3 sisters!



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