Monday, July 27, 2015

Because, there's a season for everything.

disclaimer : it's gonna be a very long post.

I've been lived under the quote "For everything, there's a season" and also Ecclesiastes 3:11, so far. I didn't remember what day exactly I finally found my favorite verse. Like everybody else always talks about, "My Gold Verse or they said Ayat Emas" everyday in my teenage life, I always wondered how everybody got it so quickly? And now I realized that, it was not. It was totally not that easy, it's just I don't know the story behind their Gold Verse.

It has been my dream since I was in junior high school, where I'd already understand the beauty of musical show & Disney stories. I knew about the amazing Broadway show from Glee, and from the very moment I really wanna see once. My older sis, the one who first let me know about how great and beautiful Disney On Ice is, then brought me to this Magical Broadway show - Beauty & The Beast (my favorite Disney Story ever.) Here, I didn't mean to boast anything about our life, definitely not, because we didn't raised from a rich family background. It's all because of my sissies works very hard till they could bought this for the three of us, but, for the biggest part is, it actually God that brought us here. I'm so sorry for being such a loser. Our parents think that we were already capable enough for something like this, so yeah.

I would say that IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Beauty & The Beast comes to live! With beautiful voices here and there, sing and dance, amazing properties, amazing little orchestra, how come they could make it REAL. It gives me a tingling feeling, that "OH FINALLY! I knew what it feels like watching a broadway show". But it's prohibited to take a camera inside the venue. So, I can't give you any images how amazing the show is, here. Believe me, you should watch it once in your lifetime.


It's the story about my fangirl's life :) - Every Disney stories opening, right?
From the very moment I idolized Bigbang, that's when I have a desire to watch their concert. It has been the number one goal for every fangirls. I didn't watch their first concert, which is ALIVE world tour, because I didn't save enough money for it and my mom didn't allow me to join the crowds. Poor me. But, later my mom found out that my best church friend-let us call her Eunice. We've become friend since we were in Sunday School-, like KPop too. So, at that very special day, which is I remember exactly February, 13th 2015 my dear friend suddenly asked me to go with her to Taeyang's Rise World Tour , which held on February, 14th 2015, and she said, it's free. There's something that I can't tell you guys here, why she could get the tickets for free. But trust me, she got it with a RESPECTFUL way.

Honestly, I already knew that Taeyang will come to Jakarta. But, because I'm on my way saving more money for Bigbang, so I don't even dare to dream to watch him. I was like "You could save more for Bigbang. You could see him with BIGBANG :)". At that time, I was struggling, I feel like it's not good for taking a really high price seat for free that easy (I surely do feel it), so I asked her to asked her older sister instead of me. Then, she said "Yeah, that's my plan too, but sadly she was in charge for her church's program." She knew I love Bigbang. Finally, I said okay I'll go with you! I didn't say that I didn't love free tickets, who doesn't love it, where you could watch your idol? I bet no one. And it turned out to be our BEST VALENTINE's DAY EVER!

Maybe it's because I never attend a concert, even once, I said it was amazing, I could hear his voice directly to my ears, I could see him dance and moves in the stage while singing. I could feel the emotions. I could scream out loud without bothering my family because I'm among the other fans, I could hear my favorites songs, I was so happy that day, that finally my dream came true, I could attend a concert! And God gave me Taeyang's concert :'D There's no enough 'thankyou' words to express my gratitude towards HIM. I also really really happy and thankful because God sent Eunice & her dad for this :) I spent a night at her home, and we went to church the next morning together. Also, my Mom that finally letting me go for this, fighting through her anxiousness that we will got trampled by those amazing crowds. Now I remember, it's the day where I found my favorite verse, that God fulfilled my prayer at a very right time.


Remember that I joined a photography club at my campus, Obscura?
And yes, there's something great about it, where God also fulfilled my prayer and dream. Watching TULUS for the first time. And it was ALSO FREE! I've already tried a couple ways to get into his performances at malls or other places, but it was always failed.

One day, my friend which is Andrew-thanks a lot Andrew!- offered a job for the 25 of us from Obscura to shot for Net TV's Birthday party. We were soon known to helped media peoples for it. So to make the long story short, I got a chance to shot celebrities which is you can see here and see TULUS PERFORMED! Aaaaah, so happy. Thanks a lot to my junior that with her kindness offered me a tele lens to shot TULUS, because I don't have any tele lens. I forgot to borrowed it from my friend, and I was ready and OK with that, to shot him with my kit lens, that suddenly she offered me her lens.

Thank You for all of these things that has been happened in a right time through right peoples around me.

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
-Ecc 3 : 11-

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  1. Great post! Sounds like it was such a fun concert!

  2. Ha I know the excitement of watching our favorite artist's concert because I once experienced that too and it was really priceless! I remembered I was so happy because I finally got to 'breathe the same air Jay Chou did' LOL those good old times. Too bad that the Beauty and The Beast is no longer on going, I didn't manage to watch the show :(

    I agree that finding our own 'ayat emas' is nothing easy but as long as we enjoy the ride until the time we found out what God really wanted to 'speak' to us is also a fun and one full of blessing journey. Glad that you have found yours! Nice post anyway, take care :)


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