Friday, July 11, 2014

[tripjournal] BALI DAY 1

Hello there :)

So, this is my Day 1 Bali Trip Journal. Okay, maybe this is not a proper journal, but let me introduce
you to some great destination in Bali that you would like to go someday!
It's a nice trip because I could meet my siblings from San Fransisco, yes. And made some new friends.
They're English was so damn good. And I was like, okay mine is so faaaaaar from good! Embarrassed.
But, everything needs practice and hearing, rite? So, I don't mind. SPEAK SPEAK SPEAK! HAHA

We're pretty tired today, so we decided to not visited a place far from our villa. Oh! I didn't took
the Warung Eropa-Crispy Duck,Seminyak. We used to have a lunch there.

this is my sis and I :D  we took GA flight.

And having a rest at Kamar-Kamar Seminyak Bali. It was tranquil!

Then, having a dinner at Luna Negra you can check it through my Instagram @janangelical. This is a sneak peek
from an unique store at Beachwalk Mall.

Same caption with picture above.



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