Monday, July 14, 2014

[tripjournal] BALI DAY 3

Hi, there! So, this is my second last day in Bali.. I miss it already!
Bali has a good atmosphere to cheer everyone up. I don't know. I love the crowds, I love the way Bali
brings good memories, it's scenery, and all of it's undiscovered places. Don't you agree with me, huh?

Elephant Ride! It was terrific, this is my first time :) Don't you think I'm skinny here? ;)

Art Village! The details? You should see 'em with bare eyes! Oh, so speechless!
So, there's a ceremony going on the Seminyak Beach, today.
I lost my sandals for this shot. I didn't recognize the big wave behind ;p
Had dinner @Made's Warung-Seminyak, then strolled around. Seminyak had so many
cute stores!


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  1. nice photos! how come you went to Bali?
    Enjoy your last day in Bali. safe travels! :)


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