Saturday, February 28, 2015

[EVENT REPORT] Indonesia Fashion Week 2015


Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 start from February 26th - March 1st 2015. And held at Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Centre from Hall A-B (stage1-2). With 32 fashion shows, 747 brands exhibitions, and 2522 outfits gather around at JCC. Woah, it's huge. I'm so fascinated with this event since I really interested in become one of their volunteers. But, because of there's so much dilemma to handle, I'm gonna put it down first. Then, my senior out of nowhere asked me to join him attend the party with free invitation from his friend which is Mr. Hartono Hosea, Indonesia's Nikon Ambassador. Oh I'm so grateful I finally have the chance to snap a little bit there. So, yes!

Probably, I've to go in weekend too, cause I want to snap IFW street style by fashion bloggers. But, I got it at Thursday, so there's not so many interesting style to snap. Hope that the next Fashion Week I'll be able to watch them. So here it is, some of my first attempt in fashion stage photography.

Sorry, it has to be Audrey Chaerunnisa. Not Teguh :'( my bad.

*sorry for the miss focused :( and the compressed resolution.
*please don't take it without permission




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