Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's Easy to Find Enemies, But It's Hard to Find Good Friends

(supposed to be published on Thursday nite -___-)
Yeay! Thursday nite! I love it because tomorrow I have no classes, only from Monday to Thursday :)

Enemies are so easy to find everywhere, but good friends are hard to find. We have to know them for a long time so we can decide which one we most comfortable with or not. I'm so grateful that, I really have a lot good friends now :) Some of my senior high school's guys were take the uni far away from me. So, we just meet up at long holiday! It feels so good when you finally can meet up with them again, nostalgic.

Today, after class was over, me and Achel decided to stop by the mall while waiting for my lil sis came home too.. I wanna taste Bobabits Balls :) ahahhaha .. So, yeah we went there after bought some things.
Bobbabits was originally selling bubble tea, then it had an upgrading. So, there's balls bowl, and some snacks too. It has a cute design. The seat was cutely designed which is like a trolley or upside down sackbag :D So sorry that the photos are not too detail. I already prepared to take the photos, but, when I went there, urrrgh! cloudy outside, peoples! Grrrr ... So, I just sit there, talks about anything with Achel then, went home :) what a nice getaway then!

this is chewy Azuki :) 

have a nice friday nite!



  1. what a unique chair!
    cool place :D


  2. I also have class from Monday to Thursday only, but the assignments make me can't even enjoy my weekend freely! ahaha :p
    I love bobabits' red velvet milk tea :D

  3. Bobabits 's honey milk tea is the best! always love hanging out there!

    Pudding Monster


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