Monday, March 10, 2014

[TRIP] Focus Nusantara Exhibition 2014

Hi, guys!

This is a schedule post :) Because, maybe I'll be back to my current life as a busy student. I supposed to
do my assignment for tomorrow, but ...

So, I went to photography exhibition last Saturday, actually me and my friends attended the Fashion On Stage
competition held by Canon Indonesia :) It was fun to get a new experience! I'm not good at shooting peoples or models,
so yeah, I'm sorry! Hahahah :)
There's so much stands and booths there! By the way, I 'taste' 400mm bazooka tele lens by Canon!
 Oh, the venue was at JCC. I went there by Transjakarta APTB from Kalideres to S.Parman Taman Anggrek.
Then, having a transit there, to RS. Harapan Kita, Slipi, Slipi Petamburan, Senayan JCC. You have to take
the downstair, cause the venue was at your left side. After you walk downstair, keep walking forward, and
find the green door :) You're already there!
See you in the next post!


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