Friday, September 6, 2013

[ER] Food & Beverage Exhibition 2013

Hello, bloggers :)

Oh well, I went to Food & Beverage Exhibition 2013 at JCC, Jakarta last Friday, 30 August 2013 from 10:00 am-19:00pm.
There's a thousand companies from all over the world who joined this exhibition I guess. So crowded and hot! 
There's a raw material exhibitors, instant foods, snacks, fine dining equipments, bakery equipments, hotels, and machines,etc. We can buy some instant foods/snacks/dessert here and see live performances from chefs too :) . Mom works at my relative Supermarket as GM, so she needs to make some relation partners to support and import foods/anything to their supermarket :) 
Me, Mom, and my sis love to go there cause we can taste every single cake/food/drinks, haha! And yes, from hungry to full . No need to had a lunch.
Next Exhibition will be on 22-25 October 2014 . Don't miss it! Oh, one thing. I love to buy some snacks from Japan Exhibitor!


(*all photos credit to me. Take with full credits if you wanna take it out. THANKS :) Respect photographers.)



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