Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Amazing Places I'll Visit Before I'm 90

Hi, there!

How's your day :) It's been March already. How fast a month could go. I wish you a very great March. A month of cheerfulness. May all the good things surrounds you always.

1. Heaven's Gate Zhang Jia Jie-Tian An Men Shan

Zhang Jia Jie, China. The best of Mountain View you could ever experienced! My mom was here before, how lucky she was! And she claimed it was beautiful beyond everything. You could travel here via the longest cable car in the world or by taking the 999++ stairs. Oh my God! I don't know which one should I choose. My heart doesn't that good for the 999++ stairs and my mind can't stop from screaming too loud for the cable car. Pfft~

 Glory to God, how beautiful it is!

Just amazingly amazing~ I will cry if I really watch this view T____T

2. Under The Cave Beach - Portugal

Actually I saw this one, from my friend who repost this. And it was on my bucket list in instant! I always love beach than mountain, tho. Because I hate climbing. My heart will sound "bump, bump, bump!" and I love the sound waves made. Though, I'm ultimately afraid died from drowning. How private it is to be in this beautiful cave if only you are the one inside ;)



3. Shark Fin Bay - Santa Cruz

For shark fin bay. I do curious about this one. Because, FYI, this came to my dream a year year ago, while I didn't know this bay was even exist! Just popped right into my dream, and someone told me it was Shark Fin Bay when I asked. I couldn't see who it was, but I heard he said it. So, I searched for it, and well secretly IT WAS EXIST! And nearly the same in my dream. I still can imagine it, what I saw in my dream. How the waves sound and how the mist embraced my face. But, one thing that the real one doesn't have. The waterfall. Ah! If only I could paint it.


4. Santorini - Greece

The most serene place you could ever imagined! Santorini. Ah I could smell all the ocean life there. With those beautiful, cleaned white walls contrast with the blue and shimmering ocean far beyond. It seems like a place in a fairytale. What you could ask for more? SEND ME THERE!


5. Finland

And this one for the magical place! To see aurora borealis the most beautiful scene Mother could give!
To be rest in an Igloo hotel accompany by a beautiful aurora outside, a billion stars or if you ever been that lucky, with snow and shooting stars too! Or making some star trail record. Ah, what a slow living I wish I had one in my life.

6. National Wildlife Park, Africa

I've been dreamin for taking a trip to these park! Such as Serengeti, Kruger, Ngorongoro, Masai Masa or others. Where I can find that well-known tree, as seen on every Disney Wildlife Scenes (The Lion King), watching the real Leopard with its beautiful pattern.

credit to - Taveer Badal


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