Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Low Maintainance Friend

I found this tweet and bam it hit me!
I can’t describe what type of friend I was before. And, well, this one suit me well. What is Low-Maintainance friends? Based on her tweet, it was an easy going type of friend. An ignorant one. Though you rarely talked to them, nor you asked them to going out, or forget their birthdays, not throwing any special acts, or give them presents. Well they’re the same in the heart for you.

I’m pretty much that one type of friend. Even if you forget me for a long time or you talk to me when in need, as long as you didn’t torch my lighter I’m the same person you used to know. Just a little bit awkward sometimes. I’m an ISFJ, I’m also sad after all if you abandoned me. But as an ignorant B, I can take it pretty good. For such a reserved person like me, I won’t take the first step to talk to you unless I have to in particular conditions. Well, it’s hard to get along with some people when they don’t open up with me at first or having the same personality as me (which is reserved). It’s like awkward vs awkward. the result will be silence in the air. But I can become such a talkative and cheerful and loyal and I would buy anything for you, if only you moved my heart just a lil bit. Nonetheless, I’m learning not to attached to someone I barely know because everytime I did, they broke my heart or I’m taking it way too emotional when they not treat me like the way I did.

There once a quote : “I usually give people more chances than they deserve, but once I’m done. I’m done.” That’s exactly what I’m trying to tell you. Once I’m done, you’re not on the list anymore. I forgive you but I’m not making another relation with you anymore. Moreover for some plebeian peoples or guys which really can’t handle and take place their cheesy humors or words. I’m so fed up. So please, know your words, humors, or lines when you talk to people cause not everyone can take it.

Guys, did you have that one kind of friend? A low maintainance friend. Keep em close, cause you’re blessed.


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  1. I enjoyed this read. I must say I'm a low maintenance friend too, or I like hanging out with low maintenance friends. It doesn't matter how much you're seeing each other, but the quality of the relationship itself. :)


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