Sunday, July 17, 2016


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Whatsup? It's been a great week for you? Cause for me, it's pretty good :) I hope you have the same too.

After watching how to be single starring Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson, I got some kinda enlightenment about being single is not that miserable. Well, tho it's a liiiitle bit. How about you? So, I'm gonna list about a couple of things about what's good being single. Let's go~

1. There's no one tied up to you 

2. You don't have to 'remote control' somebody or get annoyed for being asked all the time

3. Go buy a food as much as you want

4. We can choose movie theater seat freely in those 'full booked' seats, without mind our partner.

5. Go solo travel

6. Go shopping as long as you want and as extravagant as your wallet can

7. We could have multiple crushes

8. Go fangirling as loud as you want to

9. We could be at home enjoying ourself when it feels like 'I don't wanna go outside' mode.

10. We could be outdoor without any makeup on

11. We could daydreaming about 'a perfect partner should be....' 

12. Go rage in your room in PMS mode

13. No one checking your phone

14. No one drain your battery phone

15. Go set your phone in sleep or airplane mode when necessary 

16. We can shut down our phone when charging

17. We don't need to drain energy by a useless argument

18. We could save more money on gasoline

19. Go picnic by yourself

20. Go on a girl's day out with your best buddies

21. Go as dowdy as you can be

22. Make yourself a BRA OFF day

23. Wear your favorite clothes

24. Change your hairstyle as long as you love to

25. And, don't take any relationship if you're forced to

26. No forced promises

27. ..... (you may take notes, and start another bucket list of yourself, because I'm sure you have another great list to go, dear)

This post isn't about me who said that single is great. Nope. Being single is not good. We need to learn how to take responsible of someone, to tolerate, to have dreams, to have plans, to love and to be loved is the most important thing. We need to have someone that really matter to us, that take care of us, loved us unconditionally when our parent no longer here.

But I also don't force you to be in a relationship when you're not ready. Because being single means we still have our time to achieve our long bucket list that only can be done by ourself. Everything takes time, dear. 

Here, I'm not a relationship guru that knows everything about it. I just wanna share my thoughts on it. I'm pretty sure you have another point of view on this issue too, I'm so open to hear from y guys :D



and said:

" I just haven't met him/her yet "



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