Thursday, June 16, 2016

Book Review : What's Inside The Pandora Box

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There's pretty much books I bought from the last Big Bad Wolf Indonesia Event. One of them is 'Opening Pandora's Box' from the author Ferdie Addis. Later I'll be held a book haul here. What books I bought from the event. Please do wait. Without further do, let's talk about it!

Who doesn't interested in Greek's stories? Where all the mighty gods believed lived once? So do I, dear. And this book, was one of them. Tho it told us a bit, but I believe there's none other books that could told longer as we knew or ancient people knew a bit from them. 

This books contains all the phrases that we borrowed from the ancient Greek to describe a situation. What's the most interesting was, the story behind all of them are Greek Mythology. Where Zeus, Poseidon, Hera,etc were mentioned. Even the monstrous characters.

The phrase 'Opening Pandora's Box' itself refers to a box that contains all the evil from the world that Hermes gave to Pandora (believed as the first woman in Greek Mythology). But because of the innocent and curiosity Pandora's had, she opened it and all the evils started to float away and never came back. Only 'hope' remained stay. This later, become a phrase for 'where someone done a harmful thing that can't be stop.' Let me show you an example in Indonesia, the case of the L*p*ndo's flooding mud. Yes, that's the best example I could give you.

Inside, there were so many knowledge and stories that we need to know. Of course, we have to know what we're saying right? Tho, some people don't realize it was important. But it never wrong to have a broad mind. That's why I love reading books. Broader knowledge is always such a plus point.




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