Wednesday, January 1, 2014

To Travel 2014

Hello, peoples all around the world :)

We have already come to face 2014 . I hope my English grammar and phrase will be more wider than now. 
Let's hope this year we become a better person day by day .. Everybody wants to be a better person every year, but if it just a word, there will be nothing to change. We have to do it so, try and try and try :) There's a lot that we can learn in 2013. List bad things and change it. And I will make a 365 thankyou project and 365 diary project. I hope I can complete them :) 

So, what's your resolutions and projects? I really hope that you can fulfill it too! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

I caught fireworks party last night in my roof :) Hahahaha, and from those frames, this one is the best I ever caught! Oh my! Thank God that you gave me a DSLR last year :)

Have a great days ahead, peeps!

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