Saturday, April 30, 2016

LIN Artisan Ice Cream

Hi, Folks? I hope you're doin' good this week!

I (to be honest, my lil sis) found this nitrogen Ice Cream cafe over internet and we decided to take a taste. Its location near Kemang and its named LIN Ice Cream. LIN stands for Liquid Nitrogen. As you guys might know because this is a hype ice cream topics nowadays, YES, you're right, it made from liquid to ice cream using that nitrogen liquid (geez, too complicated). And it was good. The taste are good, I swear. Or because this is my first time? Never mind.

It's located at Kemang (instead of giving you the address, lemme give you the direction) across Pop Hotel Kemang, behind Tamani Cafe and it's such a tricky place. LIN is between Sinsa cafe & Lost&Found cafe (if I'm not mistaken about the lost&found) its logo is deep blue and black (so it's a bit hard to notice, since Sinsa is yellow). The atmosphere is so playful and childish, with tidbits everywhere, they used my favorite cartoon artist, Lim Heng Swee or you called ilovedoodle on Instagram and some other figures. With a style of rustic and wood combined interiors, LIN feels so warm and cozy. They had outdoor too with little garden and unique table & chair.

They also sell coffee, and liquor if you need. This place is well organized, clean and cool. Love love love! Just go grab your feet here if you already feel too hot outside ;)

See those cute chairs? 

Taste    : (y) (y) (y)
Price    : $$$
Loc      : (y) (y)
Atm     : (y) (y) (y) (y)

FYI, they also provide toilet room. Bye! (**this is important)



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