Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Me Becoming Journalist?


I have good news for y! So, well this is already late I guess. I'm now introducing you to my newest
cool job of the year!

A journalist, everyone!

Okay, I'm gonna make it all clear. Since I really want to work at a magazine production house, I submitted
my application to the Art & Design Magazine team at my campus. I submitted as a photographer,
then, the editor in chief told me to done the journalist part in the assessment. Why not?
The final result is out, and I'm on the journalist team, everybody! How cool was that? Alright then,
speaking up to stranger or asking some questions isn't really me. But, why don't we give it a try?
It's cool, you can report and attend some cool design's event! Oh yes, I really love my job now :)
Thank God, you know me too well :)

I'm gonna start this with Typotopia Event at Lotte Shopping Avenue, the next Friday. So excited!
Wish me tons of lucks, buddy!

Maybe, this will become my official news blog!



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