Monday, November 26, 2012

Interfood Food & Bev Exhibition 2012

Hello, bloggers :)

Today I will tell you about Interfood Food & Bev Exhibition 2012 at JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta on 21-24 November 2012.
Well, Mom got 4 exhibition invitations from her client , hehe . 2 VIP and 2 general :)
Mom and lil sis got the VIP and me and my sis got the general one.
Okay, what's the special?
We went to this event on 24 November 2012 .
We can register at "fast lane" spot and with no fee that cost Rp. 50.000,- .. YEAY!
this is my first visit to exhibition. Saw a lot of delicious food & Bev and so many foreign peoples there .
A quiet fun saturday :) take a look!

Chef making Brioche!

who wants Ombre Cakes?!

Japanese Man :) Healthy Drink (*Magic Plus) It's yum!

Super Tall Korean Guy (*Ho Wan Lee)
my sis eyedropping on his name tag . HAHA

I wanna grab one!!!

Chocolate Dress

it's BIG.

super crowd.

what I wear :D

See how tall is he?!

An Impressionist Artist. geez !! Can't help watching his paintings!!!

OKAY, hope you all have a good nite and best day ahead !!
so sleepy!


  1. hmm...looks so delicious :D


  2. out o all photos I love the ombre cake, the chocolate dress, and the painting!
    looks amazing exhibition, did you try some cake? which one?
    everything looks yummy!

    love your red jacket Jal!

    visit my little cream button♥

  3. this event is amazing! i've never been invited to this kind of event bofore :( the food looks amazing!

  4. hi! nice post! i never seen this kind of event before! so many CAKES too!!! here's a feedback, i wish you can make the photos bigger for your post. it'll be great to have it original size or extra large!
    i followed you!
    do follow me back too!


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