Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hello, fellas :)

come back here ..
OKay, today I wanna tell you about my new friends :) yes, my BRAND NEW friends
They're so loyal, kind and cheerful friends, I love being around them.

I first met them @ my university, briefing section where we all being organized until
become 77 groups .. we are in group 26 . My first impression was, okay they're not
so energic and powerful as I thought , but what can I do?
I just pray to God that what I was thinking before
didn't happen with my new friends here. Day by day being around them, and YES they're personality totally different then what I guessed before. I'm so happy and I'm so blessed, Thanks God for all your kindness during my university welcoming party for new comers :) I'm so in love with this group, well maybe other groups feel the way I do too with their peoples :) And, when the day is about to END, I was so sad leaving my group and my best PIC , but I'm still sure that GOD will send me a good friends like them . And I will never forget you guys , thanks for being so nice to me all this time :) And over all, it's about how you can appreciate and respect your own group and your friends inside. GoodNite (*well, sorry for my bad bad bad ass English,  still can't concentrate, cause the next day is my first lesson @ college , wish me luck! )


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