Sunday, September 18, 2016

Coarse & Fine Coffee Shop

Hi, fellas!

What's up? I hope you guys do good.

Yesterday, I went to the Coarse & Fine grand opening day 1 with my lil sis. It's located at Ruko Alam Sutera Renata. It's a bit difficult to find this place because it was not the one which facing the main road. So, we asked the security.

Well, because it's the grand opening and day 1, it was crowded with their acquaintances, fellow friends and so on. They also threw a thanksgiving event, latte art competition and brewing competition. It's pretty hectic and we thought we should go there on day 2. Okay, beside that, I love how this cafe being renovated, big cool windows which can be pulled up, wooden stairs, wooden floor, marmer tables, walls, and all those fine coffee making equipments. I also spotted some funko pops there ;). It's on 1st floor. Oh I forgot to mention nice outdoor room as a smoking area.

On 2nd floor, the concept is like a living room. Also, big windows (which this time can't be pulled up), a mini (how you called it? I can't get an idea) exhibition? Display? Showcase? (you named it), and a lavatory.

For the menu price, for me.... it was a bit overpriced, and I guessed it's because of their high standards equipments, and yes high quality coffee and raw materials, they took our orders with a tab, also the fine decors. But that's for me, I don't know if anyone of you thought it was okay with the price. But I may say, their baristas gave us good hospitability tho. They were clean, neat, in uniforms, friendly and served us well.

I'm sorry I can't shot my orders properly, because we didn't get a table and we decided to enjoy the meal on smoking area. ((Well, I don't smoke FYI)

May success be with you always, Coarse & Fine.


Monday-Sunday (8am-8pm)
Jln. Jalur Sutera Timur, 1-B #15, Alam Sutera, Tangerang.
(021)-2977 9232



  1. Love trying out nice coffee shops! And I really like your blog! :D

  2. It looks like a really nice space to hang out - so much light!

    1. Yes, Jane :) so cozy in here. But it's pretty hard to find the place.


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