Monday, July 30, 2012

PRPI @ Anyer 2012

Hello again, fellas :)

I've been so happy yet thankful for God's blessings
on us :)
Yes, we (me, sis, and my friend) went to Anyer 26-29 Juli 2012
attended the PRPI ( Pertemuan Raya Pelayan Ibadah or
Worship's Servants Massive Gathering )
There were so much lovely peoples both from young till adult and grands (hehe)
Hmm, in there, we had so many new experiences from our "teachers"
they were from local and overseas (*America) . They were so lovely
and smart peoples, I adored them so much .. Especially Mr Joel Navarro
aka Jackie Chan (*I'm kidding) I love him :D haha , he's so fatherly.
they (US peoples) were so humble, respect, and a fun peoples .
I do love making friends, and so happy when we know they're a good person .
I have so many useful tips that I can't share it with you here,  it's toooooooo much lessons.
but we all so enjoying the presentations from 'em although it's a long time and sometimes boring
and the most important thing, SLEEPY . hehe . The team who was made this all events was
so lovely and care too, they're such an amazing team :) THANKS GOD , THANKS TEAM, and THANKS COACHES :)
(*I'm sorry if there's any mistakes in my grammar or vocabs)

oh! it's hard to shot the sea, we have to keep the horizon vertical :'(

I just posted a photos of the beach and around :) cause, the coaching clinic was too dense and there's a photographers there.

good angle horizon

bad angle horizon.

sis' capture

sunrise panorama

beach @ 05.30 am . I'm doing exercise there with my sis

like Sahara right?

what I've got ! Now I put them on my deskboard

sunset , beautiful


Mr. Joel Navarro :)
My face looks tired and so bad!

it's us and coaches :)




  1. I wanna go to the beach :'(

  2. gosh it's been a long time since i was in Anyer! these pics brought back good memories :)
    re: i'm actually thinking of selling that beige top i wore in my last post. if i you would seriously buy it i'm definitely gonna sell it to you. let me know!


  3. super beautiful photos!
    aaaaaaaaaa! super envy!
    this holiday i couldn't go to Anyer with my friends :(

    and super thanks for your reply and your answer!
    i read them :D thanks for telling me how :D
    and i would try it soon :)
    God Bless You, JAL! ♥

  4. love this pics and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  5. looks like you had fun! hehe so many people going to beach recently, I want to go there too :') and yes, he kinda looks like Jacke Chan o__o

  6. Thank you for stopped by my blog and leave a comment! but sorry if you don't mind, I dont followe by request:)xxx

  7. thanks for your lovely comment dear :)
    great pics and nice post
    Michelle Angeline

  8. Hello there, thanks for dropping me a lovely comment! And yes, I adore the fun writings, you know the place called "JOGER"? I captured from there :D

    Anyway, nice blog! tehee~ glad you had a great time for your event, meet some new people is really good. Stay awesome!


  9. Seems you have a very great day there :D

  10. thank you for your comments :)
    hope we can be friends..

  11. I used to go to that hotel every single holiday! it was beautiful there, but i don't think it's as clean as it used to be though? no?
    anyway, it's really awesome that you get the chance to go to religious convention.. (y)


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