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May, 8th 2018
10:27 pm

Hello, there. No I'm not changing my blog into some beauty blog. But, consider it as a daily JOURNAL of me. As I named this blog. Just adding some topics here, when I'm not going anywhere, and don't have anything to report to you guys. Is that okay? Please say yes :)

*Disclaimer : it all depends on one's skin. Not all of this product suits your skin well. It's just a review from me (oily combination skin) and this article may become your consideration choosing a skincare. Please do a thorough research as this article don't discuss any of the ingredients.


1. The Ordinary
Well, this one is my only high end skincare ;) My friend introduced me to this and sold his preloved. Because my skin was so textured, he told me to try chemical peeling. I used HadaLabo AHA/BHA also. This one works pretty well, my big bumps turned into small bumps, and didn't make any major purging towards my oily combination skin. They said, you only need to apply once in the PM hour and DO NOT FORGET to apply sunscreen in the morning. Because peeling makes your skin pretty sensitive to the sun the day after you used.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar with 'The Mother' or Unfiltered
This one I used to treats small bumps, smaller my pores and brighten up your skin. You need to find an unfiltered one, yes the one that still has the lees (ampas) inside. People usually bought Bragg. 

** My skin looks better now, tho it has still small bumps and can't be the one with the porcelain skin. I don't know, someone said to me once that my ancestors did bring the genes. Well, okay. At least, my skin is now better than before with these two. 


1. Studio Tropik Original Priming Water
It's originally a priming before you do makeup. But, sometimes I do spray it on my face after bath ;D because it smell so good and relaxing. Yeah, it has rose water in its ingredients. I think I need  to try using this as a prime some day.

2. Unbranded Aloe Vera Extract
REALLY WORKS DAMN WELL ON MY SKIN. Okay, my skin is oily combination and it was dry before like really. Textured, and unhealthy. Then, my sis bought this and told me to use it every nite before bed. And now my skin feels soooooo sooooffft even it has small bumps. Oh God, this is my holy grail!

1. Innisfree Sun Cream SPF 50+
I also bought this out of nowhere, because my co-worker pressured me to buy SUNSCREEN if I don't want my skin breakout. Sunscreen is really important my fella, global warming made the atmosphere broken and UV rays sneaks more than before. I never use Innisfree skincare before and this one really such a gambling for me, as it costs $19 / Rp. 198.000,- either my skin into it, or not into it. BUT! Thank God, my skin love love love it sooo much. It caused purging once and twice, but all went well until now. 

2. Garnier Micelar Water 
Yes, after I met my co-workers, I decided I have to double the face cleaning job. Yeah, double cleansing! So, that kind-hearted guy gave me his preloved Garnier Micelar water for me to try. It does work well on my skin, no purging, non comedogenic, or acnes pops out.  I also try Ponds (works well too) and now I'm trying this Garnier Micelar Water with Oil. But unfortunately those with fragrance sensitive skin, can't buy this, cause it has that ingredient.


1. Vaseline Skin Therapy
I personally do not like this for my dry chapped lips. My sister once running a skin care business and made a lipbalm using beeswax and those are my lips' happy days. And from that moment, I became a lipbalm junkie. I can't live without lipbalm. But this Vaseline, can't do better than my sis'. Maybe because it isn't a lip therapy but a repairing jelly for dry skin that can be used also for lips. I don't know. But, I already bought it, i used it every night and day just to prevent my lips from being dry. Articles said that it may be the petroleum jelly. 

2. Acnes Acne cares and Etude Hand Cream
For Acnes, my skin get along well with this brand. I use their Acne Soap to cure my teenage damn acnes and the spot healing acnes cares also. For the Etude hand cream, I got two and I rarely use it. So sorry eventhough my hands are rough! ckckckck.

Okay guys~ Here's the end of my skincare routine diaries. Hope you all love it and us girls, really need to treat our skin most of it, facial skin well. Who doesn't scare of getting old? So, let's invest! See you!



  1. i also used Acnes acne cares for my skin... really good product i think...

    1. Hi! Yeesss, it helped my teenage problems back then. Glad that it does great on you too :)


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