Monday, July 30, 2012

Great Custom Artwork by Jess Xu :)

Hello, fellas :)

I'm back to blogging world. yes I came home yesterday :)
it was a superfun yet usefull moments.. I'll post it soon :D

Okay, first I just want to meet you with this beautiful yet
talented girl it's Jessica Xu :)
Nowadays, she have a very cute project for you . You can
make your custom print artwork by yourself X her.
hehehe .. she also have a very cute design and pattern and picture.
She's so talented at drawing you know?

go visit her artwork space --> Aubergine Garland

and for the artworks , she have a very special price I think :)
maybe I'm gonna order it soon ..

check a picture :D

and the good news is : if you spread this news to your friends, she'll be sending you
a cute free postcard .. so what are you waiting for? go, follow and post this news!


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