Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"What Am I Here For?" - R.W.

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It’s been a normal week or I could say a fine week. I just got home yesterday after attended Youth Camp. It was a great event with a great topic to be discussed. It’s about finding our purpose in this world. The big question and key was “What Am I Here For”. Yes, Rick Warren statement from his famous “The Purpose Driven Life.” I’m not a theoretical person but a practical. Well, I sometimes can’t relate to theories before it really happens to me or at least I try it. But there are so many good insights I got from this camp. And yes, I’m in my way to test the theories, so let’s say I would post something again when I’m ready to share my experience.

Some thoughts that lingered on my mind was, it’s really hard to find our purpose when we just simply don’t know where we passionate at, Rite? When I think about them, people who find their passion, I feel yes, of course they know it. But me? Well, I don’t say that I’m not believing in God’s purpose. Yes, I do believe that He must’ve a big grand purpose for why He sent us all here. It’s such a magical privilege for us could see this beautiful Earth, to feel loved, to have family, friends, lover, to know what animals look like, to be experienced all the great things He made. He made us all. Magically. If you’re a doctor, or good at Biology subjects, you would “WOWed” at how a human made. Can you get it how it’s made from a tiny ball and having those detailed and super organs? I can’t even! 

Imagine  where would you be and what are you when you’re not here?

What I wanna say is, yes, I might not yet find where’s my passion at, or figured out what God’s plan on me. But the book (and of course my reverends) said that all we have to do is listen. Ask, ask, and always ask what did He wants us to do? NOT where is my passion? An egocentric question.  Indirectly said go with the flow. People are made different, no one have the same destiny or purpose or path with another. They might have found their purpose, but the others not. yet. They found it so easy, while the others have to walk more miles. I thought, maybe it simply because God wants us to see something different, to teach us some lessons, to told us some stories, or to realized some things. We never know what will God do to us the next day even the next minutes or hours. But if we can see all the pretty little things, be grateful in it, in whatever He done, I’m sure He won’t let you down.

I’m not saying that my life is a beautiful one or never feel disappointed. I do have my own beautiful life, I want my life to be like this, I want a job like that, I want a lifetime partner like this and so on. It’s because we’re all such a sinner. I didn’t justify myself for doing mistakes just because I’m a sinner or you can say “I’m only a human!” nope. We can change. But yes, there’s some thing that we always do because we’re a human. You may say that God not always grants our wishes, our prayers, it’s because He’s the one who made our days, years. But, He knows our stubbornness, sometimes, He let the things we want to happened, but in the end, if it’s not what He wants us to be, He let us know. He only has 3 answers for our prayers : Yes, Later or I have a better plan.

To close this, I will give you my edits below.

Stay strong, have courage, don’t lose hope.

Because it’s hopes that makes us live.



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