Sunday, February 7, 2016

GUEST BLOG - Your Newbie Planner Friends

Hi folks!
It’s me again J Today I just joined Dotspaperie’s Guest blog about being a planner.
I’m such a newbie planner by now, and still learn how to decorate it. To be honest, what makes me attracted to it is because of how they can customized it with cute stuffs like stickers and etc. And also, I really love planning everything before I do something big like interviews, travelling, etc.
Since I was in primary school let’s say 5th grade I start planning with my little cute notes. You could see every planning related and everything I thought was spilled there. I still keep it with me till now J

Up till now, I have so many books that I usually used for planning or write anything, ideas, thoughts, memories, quotes, and so on.

I enjoyed being a planner, everything will be planned as you want, you won’t miss a thing, you won’t missed your belongings that you have to bring, or thoughts you want to share online, or ideas you want to write as a story.
I hope, with my new customized beach theme planner which illustration I got from pinterest (designlovefest) I could fill it with so much happiness, colors, and moods. I realized when it comes up with colors, vibrant, it'll lift up your mood when you read it and someone said that it makes you easier to remember with colors.

Back in December, I bought a pack of cute stickers from to add up to my trinket box as I will use them to decorate my planner. Aaah~ I love collecting stickers and could stick them without any hard feelings thinking it will be useless anymore. 

It might be the end of this post. Hope you guys enjoy! And start planning soon :)



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