Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday 21/22

Hi, folks! Happy Sunday :)


It's rare for me to post on Sunday, isn't it? well yeah. Here I am. Because today is my birthday. Actually I don't know since when I didn't like to purposely flash my bday to everyone. (But today I just did! Here -__-) I always like to keep it silent between my family or my close friends. It doesn't about I don't want to treat them, or anything you might think of me. It's weird, it just weird for me to have others clapping hands singing happy bday to me, or surprising me. I don't like big surprises like... you know what I mean. You better surprise me with something like 'mas mas JNE' did. hahahaa or My mom did (she once or twice or thrice surprised me with putted new dolls when I sleep) or I'm so happy when there's something new in my room or on my desk. 

I have a thought that, when they celebrate my bday, they want something 'special' in my expressions or my gestures or even I have to cry to make them satisfied for what they just did. For every surprises my friends already arranged, in the end I didn't shed a tear at all. Yes, I'm so happy so so happy that they remember my bday, they're happy for me and put efforts to it, I highly appreciate it. But seriously guys, it doesn't really moved me till I cry. No. Never. I want to, but I just can't. And that's why I hate surprises. I always keep it simple in my birthday day, and I'm appreciate when everyone did it :)) So I don't have to hear or see their dissapointed expressions which is makes me sad because I can't give what they want me to give. It's happier for me if you say it personally. 

Enough for the blabs.

Let's look what happened today:

1. My 'house' almost forgot!
2. I'm happy that I'm born in the Month of Love and exactly a week after Valentine's Day :)
3. A Sunday birthday day
4. I got bday card with one of my fav flower Carnation, from church <3
5. Pass through TOEIC Test
6. Church choir sang "It Is Well With My Soul" damn good
7. Of course my friends greetings.

We (the house) didn't celebrate it yet, because everyone seems so busy today. I'll catch up next week! Hope I could treat them something (maybe ;)).

For the wishes, I'll keep it myself. Bye!



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