Thursday, June 25, 2015

Maybe I'm Dreaming

Life's good lately.

Holidays, trips, foods, movies. It's great how God put it all in a perfect way, in a perfect time.
Being a last year college student is either happy or sad. It's happy because I realized that finally, I've
made it till the end. Those hardworks, gold diggings, dog days, loser times, bad memories, heart
breaks, and so on are about to come to their ends. God put me through all difficult times, He's stand
tall beside me, pushing my back to keep moving forward and whisper "move on, without hesitates."

Despite that, I'm so clear that I have to leave my all lovely friends. Too much memories to remember, too much journeys to write on my journal, too much argues to write on my diaries. Good lecturers, bad lecturers, that guy I stumbled upon but never making a nice move, and so do I, and I'm so hard to get over it. I missed my friend's car, I missed our spontaneous trips, I missed how they always asked me to caption their photos, I missed wasting time at public transportation, talks non sense topics, a not classy conversations.

Life must go on. And I feel so stuck. Know why? No. Is it me who didn't feel thankful enough? I don't know though. One day I feel so lost, another day feel motivated, and another day feel extremely dull and nothing.

Till then.

*I'm still struggling looking for a place for my internship program.



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