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[EVENT REPORT] Action With Mangrove II x MapalaUMN


26th April 2015.
MapalaUMN (Mahasiswa Pecinta Alam Universitas Multimedia Nusantara) held Action With Mangrove II at Pulau Karya, Kepulauan Seribu. With 3 hours long trip from the land, finally we (200 participants more less) arrived there. Well, I thank God for the very good weather and clear skies. Tho it's extremely hot, who choose raining all day long? I will definitely say NO!
The schedule divide in 3 sessions.

1. Cleaning up the shore

This where we have to cleaning up the sea shore which is the local residents throw their waste here. Umm, do they have to? Is there any better place out of the shore?

2. Mangrove Plantation!

Before, the committee told us the instructions how to plant a mangrove. It has to be plant with the polybag, plant it under the mud that we already hoed about 1x1meter (square), then it has to be side by side. After that, we have to make sure that the water cover it around 25cms. It's really a great experience for me!

Mangroves are important to help prevent shore and beaches from abration. Also, Mangroves live for the home of dozens little animals. Such as fishes and shrimps.

3. Baby Sea Turtle's Release

Me and another 11 friends is the lucky one to having this experience. Ka Dhiti-Miss Bahari- also told us the instructions how to release the baby turtles. First, you need to pick up the baby on its side. And, you have to turn their face NOT towards the sea.

Well, this is the end of my trip with MAPALAUMN x ACTION WITH MANGROVE II :) I hope that I will have another great chances like this in the future! If you say you love beaches, then, what's your action to taking care of them? Don't just say you love it, but take action to keep it alive.



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