Saturday, February 15, 2014


Hello, there!

I've done my travel to Sawarna Beach yesterday :)
Sawarna is actually a name of a village. There are 3 beautiful beaches there as far as I know. There is Tanjung Layar Beach, Sawarna Beach, and Laguna Pari Beach. But I only visited Tanjung Layar and Sawarna. It's a nice trip with my Photography club from University .. We had a lot of activities there.

We went there by bus. And, yes, I'll tell you it's a rough street. I won't took the bus anymore to get there, maybe by sea. hahahah .. Can't help the bouncy part. But, all that mad is definitely PAID OFF!
The weather is good, although I got tan after this, but, what's the best part having a trip to the beach? YES, got sunburn or tan :)



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