Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bali #1

Hello, bloggers :)

I'm back! Arrived at home safely. Thank God :)
Actually, came home 2 days ago.
I went to Bali with my sister, and my cousins from Pontianak. We went there by plane which is supposed to be at 2pm boarding. Due to the bad weather, outside, we had to take off at 3.30pm. And arrived at Bali at 6.30pm WITA ..
On the first day, we didn't have so much chances to look around. So, after we had dinner at Warung Subak we went to Krisna (souvenirs supermarket). Oh my! Krisna at night was so crowded! This is the famous place for bought some souvenirs from Bali :) Then we headed to Bali Rani Hotel, Kuta. After we unpacking, me, my sister, and 4 of my cousins took a walk around our hotel. After that, we went back to Hotel and had a nice sleep there :D waiting for our next day ..



  1. how long you spent at Bali ? <3
    look so fun at first day
    btw my favourite food there is pie susu :9 so yummy, right ? :D

    Love a bunch,

  2. oh myyy, so jelly jelly~ hope you have a blast yaa! jgn lupa oleh2 *ngarep* hahaha


  3. You must be having real fun there :D
    I am a bookworm (but the cool one, eh?). My fave novel is Nicholas Sparks;. What's yours? :)

    have a nice day.


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