Thursday, June 21, 2012

Outbound day

Hello, bloggers :)

Yesterday my church held an outbound day.
Outbound is an outdoor activity where we must
hiking for a long time and played a game.
I'm desperately exhausted n excited too ! geez !
well, during the holiday I;m totally not
doing exercise such like jogging, then I must
hike that mountain for a long time ! oohh! hehehe
Okay, I'm sooo sorry I didn't bring my camera while I hiked
cause I found out there's still a pure forest there ( I'm so FURIOUS!)
and there is a PINE FOREST there - - ( I wanna CRY , I didn;t bring my cam !)
so, I just post a photos after we done all that CRAZY battlefield , SORRY :(
I need to improve my photography sense, wish me luck!

@ Kampoeng Awan Outbond camp
my best church friends

you see?! it's hard!

full view :) so lovely

well, I got it from google , yeah still a pure forest
source : google .. Pine Forest (look a like)


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