Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quality Time

Hello, bloggers.

it's my second post today . hehehe

it's the same day with SeaWorld :) hehe, after we went there, we went to CentralPark (not in NewYork, Jakarta have it too , but it's a Mall) . My other friends saw a movie , Men In Black 3 then me and Vera just wanna have a little talk in the park and Mall's Terrace . So, we bought Chatime one for two and continued our talk at the park we had chitchat about 2hours non stop, it's so FUN ! I've never had a conversation like this before . I'm so happy, she's a fun and comfortable listener and partner :) Thanks for being my friend for accepting me in the way I am (is it a correct grammar? Blog is my way to learn about grammar , hehe , so sorry if there's any wrong grammar ;p )

a view from the park

me & Vera

CentralPark had a best Architecture !

a dirty feet, walk along that day ! ><



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  1. lovely photos!

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