Saturday, April 21, 2012

Disney On Ice 2012 "let's celebrate!"

I went to Disney On Ice Let's Celebrate at Istora Senayan Jakarta :)
It's my first time went there. I went with my sister :D
she's treated me all day long. HEHEH THANKS A LOT SIS
I sat in Gold Class , because Silver Class is sold out. what a poor!
I wanted to sit there, guys. fiuuuh,
but Gold is yeahh, worth it :) In my opinion, Silver Class is the best choice :) 
Also, Titanium is the VERY BEST choice .. But it's soooo damn expensive guys.
For you who wanted to pay in the average or mid costs, PLEASE take a look at SILVER or GOLD Class.
For you who wanted to pay  in the high costs, PLEASE take a look at PLATINUM or TITANIUM Class.
I'll attach the seating map this year 2012 at Istora Senayan. It's good for you , to take a look first at sitting position before you order the ticket :)
Oh! I almost forgot one thing .. There's a lot of "DisneyOnIce Bazaar" which sold a lot of Disney Things .. From coloring books 'till dolls .. And had a various price ..
So, what are we waiting for? Take a look at my pictures! Well, I'm sorry for the bad resolution I used Digital Camera not DSLR .. Just for your references for watching DisneyOnIce 2013.. And, there's an upcoming event by BigDaddy Disney Live Mickey's Magic Show on October 2012 .. ENJOY !

SeatingMap Istora Senayan
Jakarta 2012

Lots of Love,


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