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Levitation Photography

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Today , I want to submit a post about Levitation Photography,
First, what is Levitation Photography?

is a photographic technique that makes something / someone has the impression as if flying without using tools. Yep! that's it 

Well, if you know Levitation Photography better, you must know her !! 
Yeah! She is Natsumi Hayashi , Japanese #1 Levitation Photographer
The unique thing is, she captured herself using tripod and DSLR by using Self Timer ! such a wonderful talented girl, huh?!

here she is ! Natsumi Hayashi

Here are a few of her WONDERFUL projects :

you can find about her more and find her photos here --> Natsumi Hayashi's Blog

well, we all can do like this too! check about this step :

1. Photography is different with the Jump Shot levitation. Levitation must show a model that seemed to drift naturally without too much facial expression.

2. Photo levitation without editing can be done with professional cameras (DSLR) or a regular camera (camera phones, pocket cam)

3. Levitation photos with DSLR cameras, can take advantage of Burst Mode (ContinuousShooting). With a single press of the shutter button, instantly generate multiple shots at once. The photos snapped by the Burst Mode can be selected from DSLR cameras which one best fits a moment of "floating"

4. Photo of levitation can be performed by non-professional camera, but it is more tricky because it relies on the accuracy of pressing the shutter button while jumping model.

5. Ensure adequate light, so shadows are formed so that the effect is more visible model is being floated.

6. Use a high shutter speed to capture the floating model with more focus (freeze motion).Sufficient light was instrumental to get high speed shutter.

7. Use a low angle, so that high-flying model looks.

8. You can use hair spray / gel so that when jumping, the model's hair does not look cluttered.

9. Also use safety pins, pin, belt or clothing so as not to clamp the tool does not seem to swell or unfold while jumping model.

10. Try using accessories that support. Generally does a broom, vacuum cleaner, umbrella.

11. Find the unique location of the photo.

STAY safe guys ! (source : 

there's 2 way to do this levitation photography , manual by jumping and by photoshop ..
by using photoshop, you can check this !

hope this can help you :)

AH! you can find more photos about LEVITATION photography here ! --> Levitation Photography Inspiration

BYE guys! see you in the next post!


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