Thursday, July 9, 2015

What A Productive Day

Hi, there!

It's been a productive day for me. I got no internship, and now I'm at home doing nothing. Browsing through internet, The Sims 3, Social Medias, Movies, Dramas, Sleep late and woke up late.
About my final project proposal? Chapter 1 done. Hopefully it's really done. Chapter 2 next, I need to find a bunch of books as a based for my theories. And I can't find even one proper library here. I'm so desperate. 

Okay, so today I've been renewing my old portfolio and making one-hopefully nice-layout as a portfolio to my next application in the next semester. It got me probably 3-4 hours to made it. I hope I'll got a really nice work area soon.

And, I found a website which is could compress your huge PDF files! Since I'm a graphic designer and all my project mostly done in big memories, then I have to pile 'em up to one PDF as final portfolio, it came up to a really huge memories PDF. Also, the nice part, it was designed in flat vector, coral red colour (which is my favorite one), and responsive. Nice Nice Nice! Actually my dear friend, told me about it. THANKS Josephine! You saved my life :)

Here it is --> Magic Compressor

Below are the benefits using (now I sound like promoting them)

You can use it as a:

since my laptop can't merge PDFs files, so this is really helping me out through! So, guys if you have some problems either your microsoft files, jpgs, pdfs, just remember to type this to your browser :)

Enough for now :) Thankyou for having me!



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